Akademiks is attempting to advise Diddy on getting past his sexual assault allegations, while he also has his own sexual assault allegations.

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Speaking on his Off the Record podcast next to Lamar Odom, Ak suggested Diddy claims to be gay or bisexual.

“One: he gotta come out and tell the whole world that he been gay or been bi or that he always identified as a woman,” Ak said. “Second way is to say that he had mental health issues and he’s been seeking therapy. The last way is to say he apologizes but all his actions was because he was touched as a child.”


Well, all of that is pretty wild to say, you can hear it below.

DJ Akademiks is the subject of a lawsuit alleging he committed rape and defamation against a woman named Fauziya Abashe. He states he will take the industry down with him.

“Let me tell you this about everyone in the industry: if Ak ever goes down, y’all going down with me. ‘Cause I hold no secrets for nobody,” Akademiks said. “Could it be that the exact next day I get hit up by a private investigator that works for Diddy alleging that maybe the same thing has happened in five other instances?”

In the sprawling story from Rolling Stone, Akademiks, born Livingston Allen, is accused of allowing Abashe to be raped by two men that were at his New Jersey home on July 16, 2022.

According to the report, Abashe did not know two women would be present. Those men are said to have drugged her and forced her with alcohol before assaulting and raping her on the pool deck.

Abashe states she lost consciousness during the incident, only to wake up at 4 a.m. on July 16, as Akademiks was raping her. Abashe states Akademiks was “pulling her hair, prying open her legs, and brutally raping her.” She also states she was penetrated anally and vaginally, while pleading for the entire ordeal to stop. She also states she was unable to “move physically.”

The lawsuit details Abashe asked Akademiks about details, in which he showed her a trash can with two condom wrappers, alluding to the woman being taken to another room of the home where the rape continued. Akademiks also allegedly showed video camera footage of the pool deck, where Abashe states she was “lying there lifeless, which did not sit right with her.”

On July 17, Akademiks told Abashe to “get tested,” which led her to believe their encounter was unprotected. Abashe contacted the police and received a rape kit, revealing traces of Akademiks’ sperm. Also collected were images of bruises on her arm, back, legs, and buttocks.

Aiding in the investigation, Abashe participated in a recorded call with Akademiks where he recalled the two having sex and describing the vagina. Law enforcement received a warrant to investigate Akademiks’ home. Abase believes Ak disposed of any evidence.

Abashe did not press charges but decided to sue after allegations were brought forth at the end of 2023. In a social media stream, Akademiks stated, “She was getting trained by my two mens on my pool deck.” Akademiks also stated she voluntarily engaged in an orgy but he never participated.

Akademiks did not reply to Rolling Stone with a comment.

Akademiks had his first stream of 2024 on Jan. 2. During the stream, Ak spoke about allegations levied against him by Abashae and revealed he was in full cooperation with the police.

“This situation went to the cops over a year and a half ago,” Ak said. “Me and my lawyer were openly cooperative because, serious allegations. I don’t care who’s involved, I don’t want weird shit happening around me.

“We helped the police. ‘Whatever you need! You want a phone? You want passcodes? Let’s decrypt our DVR.’ There is nothing they did not see.”

He added, “It was officially ruled by the D.A. and the police that there was nothing there. There ain’t no charges, there won’t be no charges and there’s documentation.”

You can hear it all from Akademiks below.

DJ Akademiks trended on social media to close in 2023 after Abashae stated in an Instagram Live Ak and two of his friends allegedly committed the crime.

“For you to pretend you didn’t do anything? That I just went to your house, and I’m some thot, like we didn’t know each other for two years,” Abashae said. “You tried to save yourself after your friends assaulted me. Whether or not you got drunk or not, I know that when you woke up, you were on top of me too. You raped me too.”

Additional claims online feature a woman stating that Akademiks engaged in communication with her until she was 18 before he attempted to have sex with her and a video surfacing with a woman screaming in the background.

You can see it all below.


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