The 77th Cannes Film Festival witnessed another unsettling incident involving Girls’ Generation member YoonA, who faced alleged racial discrimination by a security guard on the red carpet. The event, which was meant to celebrate cinematic excellence has been marred by this controversy.

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While YoonA posed for the press, a female security guard intervened, causing her visible discomfort. Reports suggest that this guard targeted women of color, with similar incidents reported involving Dominican actress Massiel Taveras and singer Kelly Rowland.

YoonA experienced this discriminatory act as she was engaging with photographers and fans. The sudden stop by the security guard raised eyebrows and drew attention to the broader issue of racial discrimination at high-profile events.

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The incident has sparked discussions about the need for better training and awareness among security personnel at international events to prevent such discriminatory behavior. Fans and attendees expressed their support for YoonA, Rowland, and Taveras, calling for more inclusive and respectful treatment of all individuals, regardless of their race or background. In contrast fans pointed out the treatment of model Heidi Klum.

As the festival continues, this incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by people of color in public and professional spaces.


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