Last week, rapper Sean Kingston and his mother, Janice Turner, found themselves in legal trouble after Kingston’s rented Miami mansion was raided by local sheriffs. The raid came following accusations that Kingston scammed an electronics store out of a high-end entertainment system.

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Kingston, whose real name is Kisean Anderson, is currently being held without bond in California as he awaits extradition. Meanwhile, his mother appeared in court, where her past fraud convictions significantly influenced her bond amount.

According to CBS News, Turner’s bond was set at an exorbitant $160,000 due to her previous criminal record. The judge read off the eight fraud and theft charges against her during her bond court hearing. Prosecutor Eric Linder highlighted her history, stating, “This is not Ms. Turner’s first time with this type of conduct. She has a 2005 federal conviction for bank fraud where she was sentenced to 16 months in federal prison.”


In her defense, Turner’s attorney, Sam Stark, argued for a more lenient bond, emphasizing that her charges were non-violent. “There are no violent priors, this case is not violent in nature, she doesn’t pose a threat to the community,” Stark contended. Despite these arguments, the judge maintained the high bond amount and stipulated that Turner’s attorney must prove the bond money is from a legitimate source.

Kingston’s troubles began when he allegedly failed to complete payments to VER Entertainment for a $150,000 entertainment system, which included a massive 232-inch television. The complaint states that Kingston persuaded the company to accept a lower down payment and credit towards the purchase by promising to produce promotional videos featuring Justin Bieber. However, these videos were never produced, leading to the company’s legal action.

In a dramatic scene described by Kingston’s attorney, Rosenblatt, the arrest was conducted with significant force. “You would think Osama bin Laden was there with all the force they used—long guns, SWAT teams, masks, and everything else. It was crazy! Certainly overreacted,” he said.

Rosenblatt also mentioned their intention to bring Kingston back voluntarily before he was apprehended. “We wanted to bring them back as soon as possible so he could self-surrender, but they grabbed them before we could do that,” Rosenblatt explained. “And he’s going to waive extradition.”

As Kingston awaits extradition from San Bernardino, California, his legal team prepares for what could be a lengthy legal battle. Meanwhile, Turner’s case moves forward in Florida, with her bond set and conditions laid out by the court.


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