Swaggertown Records, one of the hottest up-and-coming labels in the music industry, is making waves this summer as CEO Jake Strain heads to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to scout for the freshest talent. The goal: to find the next generation of music stars, including artists, producers, and DJs, through a highly anticipated networking event. This initiative is set to take place with the invaluable support of Diego Cool, a prominent figure who has been making strides in the industry since partnering with Swaggertown in 2021.

A Partnership Forged in Success

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Diego Cool’s partnership with Swaggertown Records has been nothing short of spectacular. Since 2021, Diego has released a string of successful hits that have captivated audiences and solidified his reputation as a dynamic artist. His impressive discography includes tracks such as:

2023: “Drink (LLQ),” “Everyday,” “Ruben,” “Let Loose,” “FreakNasty,” “WASTE YOUR TIME,” “Doing The Most,” “Cash Addiction,” “ToyStory,” and “Handle It”


2022: “STRETCH IT,” “Crazy Things,” “Win,” “Calling,” “No Love,” “Caught Up,” “All Night Long”

2024: “Motion”

These songs have showcased Diego’s versatility and creative prowess, drawing significant attention from both fans and industry professionals.

The Summer Networking Event

The upcoming event in Winston-Salem aims to bring together aspiring artists, producers, and DJs under one roof, providing a platform for networking and potential collaboration. Jake Strain, known for his keen eye for talent, is spearheading this initiative to ensure Swaggertown continues to grow its roster with diverse and innovative musicians.

“This event is about more than just finding new talent,” Strain explained. “It’s about building a community where creativity can thrive. We’re excited to see what Winston-Salem has to offer and to give local artists a chance to shine. It also allows Diego to give back to his community through his music and lend a helping hand.”

Diego Cool: A Local Legend Of Winston-Salem

Diego Cool’s involvement is in his roots, followed by his commitment to fostering new talent and giving back to the music community. His success with Swaggertown Records has not only elevated his career but also positioned him as a mentor and collaborator for emerging artists.

“Working with Swaggertown has been a transformative experience for me,” Diego shared. “I’m thrilled to be part of this event and to help discover the next wave of talent. Winston-Salem has a vibrant music scene, and I believe we’ll find some incredible artists here.”

Why Winston-Salem?

Winston-Salem, with its rich cultural heritage and burgeoning arts scene, provides the perfect backdrop for this talent hunt. The city has a history of nurturing artistic expression, making it an ideal location for Swaggertown Records’ summer event. By tapping into this well of creativity, Jake Strain and Diego Cool aim to uncover hidden gems and bring them to the forefront of the music industry.

Join the Movement

Aspiring musicians looking to make their mark in the industry should not miss this opportunity. The event promises to be a melting pot of talent, ideas, and potential collaborations, offering attendees a chance to connect with like-minded individuals and industry insiders.

For more information on how to participate in the event, stay tuned to Swaggertown Records’ social media channels and website. This summer, Winston-Salem will be the place where new stars are born, and Swaggertown Records, along with Diego Cool, is ready to make it happen. Reach out to @realdiegocool or @swaggertown on Instagram.

In a time when the music industry is constantly evolving, initiatives like these are crucial for discovering and nurturing the next generation of talent. With Jake Strain’s visionary leadership and Diego Cool’s supportive presence, Swaggertown Records is poised to make a significant impact on the music scene this summer.

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