After an inflight medical episode, Mike Tyson updated his condition via X. He is still ready to fight Jake Paul.

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“Now feeling 100%,” Tyson wrote, “even though I don’t need to be to beat Jake Paul.”

The YouTuber-turned-boxer recently reassured fans that his upcoming fight with Mike Tyson is still on, despite Tyson’s recent health scare. The 27-year-old YouTuber-turned-boxer took to social media on Monday to address rumors of a cancellation following Tyson’s medical emergency over the weekend.


Here’s what Paul posted “You love to make s–t up before knowing the facts for clicks / likes. Nothing changed #PaulTyson,” Paul wrote on X.

Get this: Tyson, 57, experienced nausea and dizziness due to an ulcer flare-up while on a flight from Miami to Los Angeles. His representative told Page Six that Tyson “became nauseous and dizzy due to an ulcer flare-up 30 minutes before landing.” They added that Tyson is “appreciative to the medical staff that were there to help him” and clarified that he is “doing great.”

The sanctioned match between Tyson and Paul is set to broadcast live on Netflix, which is the biggest streamer in the world, from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, on July 20. Tyson expressed enthusiasm for the fight, calling it a “no-brainer” at a press conference earlier this month. “He’s the new up-and-coming guy on the scene. I like shaking the sports world to its core, and I’m doing that now. It’s just something I want to do,” Tyson explained.

Paul also stated the significance of their fight, stating, “This is quite literally the biggest fight of the 21st century.” He emphasized the match’s global reach, adding, “Because of the fact that it’s Mike Tyson versus me, but also the fact that it’s in 700 million households.”

Iron Mike, who became the youngest heavyweight champion in 1986 by defeating Trevor Berbick, has an impressive 50-6-2 record with 44 knockouts. In contrast, Paul holds a 9-1 record with six knockouts. Despite his relative inexperience, Paul remains confident. “I’m a natural-born heavyweight,” he declared. “I’m gonna show Mike who has more power. I think he’s underestimating me, I think everyone else is underestimating me.”

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