In an exclusive interview on the Moguls in the Making podcast earlier this week, former Roc-A-Fella Records label head Dame Dash revealed that he almost became a rapper when his independent imprint was at risk of folding before the success of the UGK/Jay-Z single “Big Pimpin'”.

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Dash claims that he almost grabbed the mic himself during the production of the song and claims that the song was about him and his lifestyle and not Jay-Z.

“In that moment, Roc-A-Fella was in trouble and if that ‘Big Pimpin” didn’t work, I was gon’ start rapping. [I don’t got bars, but] I would have just did it for the company.”


Dash also delved into the beef between Ja-Z and Nas, saying that he had “no fear” of violence between the two crews despite the bitter rivalry between the two.

“There was no fear of us getting hurt when it came to Nas. I’m telling you right now, there was no fear of any violence when it came to that,” he said. “There was no fear when it came to us of any battle that we had when it came to violence. We were never worried about that.”

He also added, “Now, ‘Pac and Biggie, n-ggas got killed. But n-ggas get killed in Hip Hop now. They be battling and then they end up dead. It’s a little more serious now.”

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