Los Angeles County based artist Capretti has just dropped the captivating visuals for his latest single, “Show Me How.” Known for his daring artistic style, Capretti continues to push boundaries and take risks, both in his music and visual storytelling.

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The music video, directed by the talented Jacob Tucker, transports viewers to the high-stakes world of a casino, beautifully recreated inside the UNDRGRND Production Studios. Capretti commands attention in an eye-catching AMIRI Italian style sweatsuit, exuding confidence and charisma throughout the video. The luxurious and sleek aesthetic perfectly complements the song’s vibrant energy.

Show Me How” is a quintessential summertime anthem, blending Afro Caribbean beats with Capretti’s playful melodies. The track’s infectious rhythm and uplifting vibes make it impossible not to move along. The combination of smooth vocals and dynamic production creates an immersive listening experience that is sure to become a staple in summer playlists.


Jacob Tucker’s direction elevates the song’s impact, seamlessly translating its upbeat, feel-good essence into a visual narrative that captivates from start to finish. The casino setting adds a layer of excitement and glamour, mirroring the risk-taking theme that runs through Capretti’s music.

For those looking to add a new groove to their daily routine, “Show Me How” is the perfect choice. Capretti’s latest release is a celebration of bold desires and vibrant rhythms, promising to keep listeners dancing all summer long. Don’t miss out on this exhilarating ride!

Check out the official video for “Show Me How” below.

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