Today, South Florida rapper Kodak Black drops his record label, Vulture Love’s first official project, Vulture Love Presents: The Last Zombies On Earth. Listen HERE via Vulture Love / Capitol Records. Brimming with ferocious bars and bone-rattling beats, the 15-track collection showcases the new generation of rap stars. Alongside Kodak, the label compilation boasts contributions from VVSNCE, Lil Crix, G6reddot, GorditoFlo, Big Fredo, Jay Dirty, Taji Akeil, Project Pooh, NFL Tuewop, Jit4 Stan, Yung Mula, and JME Tmoe. Production credits include SkipOnDaBeat, ATL Jacob, Xairr, Dr. Zuez, Ayo B, and more.

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“I got the next generation of stars. I have a voice in this game and I’m using it to put my artists on until everyone knows their names. Watch out for Vulture Love. We ain’t stopping.” – Kodak Black

To complement Vulture Love Presents: The Last Zombies On Earth, the first lady of Vulture LoveVVSNCE releases her summery “Palm Trees” video. Watch HERE. Meanwhile, G6reddot partners with Kodak on the island of Capri in “The Way.” Watch HEREG6reddot is an award-winning songwriter with success which includes penning on Cardi B’s hit number one record “Up.”


Among the many standouts on the project is “Feel My Face,” a face-off between Kodak and G6reddot that manages to be soulful and sentimental — while also not pulling any punches. Other highlights include “Like a Cowboy, an old-school low-end bumper that leans into Kodak’s melodic hook complemented by bars from NFL Tuewop, Big Fredo and VVSNCE, and the climatic track “Good Day,” which pairs G6reddot, VVSNCE, and JME Tmoe trading verses amid a gospel choir and thumping percussion. Then there’s the ominous “Whippin Alot” which find Kodak and Yung Mula boasting their confidence. 


As expected, Kodak spearheads the collective, bringing his inimitable brand of rap to solo sizzlers “1800 Degrees” and “Lil Bra Dem.” He champions his newcomers who also get their moment to shine such as VVSNCE’s “Palm Trees” and Lil Crix’s “I Can’t Turn Down.” In short, the talent on display on Vulture Love Presents: The Last Zombies On Earth is nothing short of show-stopping. See the full tracklist below.


Vulture Love Presents: The Last Zombies On Earth arrives on the heels of Kodak’s recent introspective singles Dis Time,” “Stressed Out,” and Non Believer.” It was preceded by Shampoo,” a confident burst of street rap that typifies the style that made him a superstar. Of course, that song followed When I Was Dead, an engrossing album in which Kodak explores both his nightmares and blood-stained aspirations. Featuring the smash hit Lemme See,” the project only reaffirmed Kodak’s status as one of the most gifted artists of his generation. 


Kodak’s status transcends the rap world. Over the years, he has cultivated the role of a prophetic storyteller in the culture at large, and his reach continues to grow. He holds over 25 billion global streams to his name and continues altruism towards his Pompano Beach community. Now, with Vulture Love Presents: The Last Zombies On Earth, Kodak propels Vulture Love into the spotlight giving the next generation their shot. 


Vulture Love Presents: The Last Zombies On Earth Tracklist

01 Roll With The Snipes (feat. Taji Akeil, Project Pooh, GorditoFlo, Big Fredo, Jay Dirty)

02 Feel My Face (feat. Kodak Black & G6reddot)

03 Palm Trees (feat. VVSNCE)

04 1800 Degrees (feat. Kodak Black)

05 Save Us (feat. VVSNCE, G6reddot)

06 Like A Cowboy (feat. Kodak Black, VVSNCE, NFL Tuewop, Big Fredo)

07 Lil Bra Dem (feat. Kodak Black)

08 Crash Out (feat. Kodak Black, Jit4 Stan)

09 Heart On Fire (feat. Kodak Black, GorditoFlo)

10 I Can’t Turn Down (feat. Lil Crix)

11 Whippin Alot (feat. Kodak Black, Yung Mula)

12 Meth PassionFruit (feat. Lil Crix, G6reddot)

13 Love Hurts (feat. VVSNCE, G6reddot)

14 The Way (feat. Kodak Black, G6reddot)

15 Good Day (feat. VVSNCE, G6reddot, ME Tmoe)