Mystic Zach Hirsch is a young influencer innovating in the world of sports, and his latest podcast with iconic athletes, former LA Laker Lamar Odom and Olympian Caitlyn Jenner, is set to break more barriers. Evolving from a budding sports enthusiast to a revered influencer and entrepreneur, Mystic Zach Hirsch’s determination has equipped him to navigate the intricate intersections of sports and media and experience immense success. 

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Born and bred in Delray Beach, Florida, Hirsch continues his current quest for knowledge through his studies. He diligently works toward a Bachelor’s degree in sports management from Lynn University while also making substantial strides with his involvement in the business of sports program at Columbia University. Hirsch is on a new living journey, embracing the bi-coastal culture by traveling from his new home in LA to Boca Raton, Florida. 

The influencer’s academic feats include completing Harvard’s prestigious entrepreneurial essentials program and participating in the esteemed Sloan-MIT Sports Analytics Conference. He is currently finishing a degree in sports management from Lynn University and will be pursuing an MBA next year. With each endeavor, Hirsch proves the power of mastering the nuances of the sports industry. 


Hirsch’s journey into sports took root in his youth, fueled by his innate passion and uncanny ability to foresee outcomes. Renowned for his sharp predictions, he swiftly gained acclaim as one of sports history’s youngest and most accurate handicapper. Making history at just 16 years old, Hirsch secured a position as the youngest coaching intern in Division I college football, laying the groundwork for his rapid ascent in the sports space.

As an influencer with versatile impact, his presence and prowess are also evident in entertainment and media. Hirsch orchestrates a dynamic fusion of sports, culture, and hip-hop music by co-hosting the wildly popular Kiss and the Myst podcast alongside Jadakiss on Worldstar HipHop. Harnessing a blend of Gen Z sensibilities and analytical prowess and Jada’s seasoned perspective, the show has experienced heightened success and built a riveted audience. 

Speaking to Vito Glazers, host of After Dark, Hirsch said, “What makes this podcast so interesting is how all three of us are so different in background and generationally and in so many ways but how our shared love for sports and the stories behind the games is the overarching theme that brings the show together.”

Hirsch has partnered with household names Lamar Odom and Caitlyn Jenner with their original podcast Keeping Up With Sports. The title pays homage to the name of the longstanding reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, where Caitlyn Jenner and Los Angeles Laker star Odom both were featured as members of the Kardashian family. Hirsch aims to bring his unique perspective and intelligent insight to the sports podcast

Stepping boldly into the metaverse, Hirsch also spearheads the frontier of Web3 through Mozverse, an innovative NFT and metaverse platform poised to revolutionize media and entertainment. Drawing upon his deep understanding of the decentralized economy, Hirsch navigates the present and future potential of the Web3 terrain with visionary zeal.

Hirsch’s meteoric rise as a sports influencer is linked to his distinguished prowess in predicting and analyzing sporting events. From football to MMA, his predictions resonate deeply with audiences, sparking spirited discussions and debates across the internet. 

Notably, his previous forecast of Jake Paul’s victory by knockout in the highly anticipated fight against Anderson Silva reverberated throughout the sports world, affirming his insightful analysis and meticulous research methodology. Hirsch has also correctly predicted the last five consecutive Super Bowl and College Football National Championships, including the Kansas City Chiefs’ surprising win over the San Francisco 49ers in Law Vegas.

As Mystic Zach Hirsch’s influence rises and expands, he remains devoted to pushing the envelope with his unique skillset and driving innovation in sports media. With a bold vision to propel Mozverse into a multibillion-dollar enterprise and make waves as a Keeping Up With Sports podcast member, Hirsch continues to make his name and influence known in sports and digital entertainment.

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