Check out the new “Ariie-Plugged”, a fashion/art project by NYC artist Ariie West, which under his fashion brand Ariri, is known simply as “Plugged”. This fusion of art, fashion and culture shows Ariie’s vision of future collaborations with other brands and features Reebok’s one-of-a-kind Pump sneaker complete with plug inserts and working sockets. Each piece of Ariie’s “Plugged” installment shows off West’s creativity, which transforms footwear into a piece of modern art.

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As you can tell, Ariie isn’t just a rapper who can design some drip. Hailing from Harlem, the hustler capital of the world, West owns his own label Autrumn Records, which has a distribution deal through the Virgin Records imprint under the Earth Program umbrella. And West isn’t a newcomer to this. Working under Pharrell Williams’ protegé Jay Ice Pick, laid the foundation for West’s music and fashion endeavors.

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The operational process involves linking 20 pairs of sneakers in a chain, connecting one end to a speaker and the other end to an audio source. The artist strategically employs this art installation to illustrate the diverse, yet interconnected nature of humanity, emphasizing our common origin from the same source; Earth.

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Project Coordinator/A&R Autrumn Records Sean Jones

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