Breakout Jamaican dancehall star Teejay shares a new and instantly mesmerizing video for “Twerk It” that spotlights Jamaica’s finest female dancers backing it up and busting it down. 

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In the JEDITHEGOD & LAGIKZSUPREME directed video for “Twerk It” the tables have turned, where syncopated moves take a back seat, and give way to whining and twerking. The fluttering bassline features high-pitched guitar fingerpicking courtesy of production by DJ Frass.

Teejay continues to grab the attention of fans with his carefree dance moves from his breakout hit, “Drift.” On May 9th, 2024, the track and its signature choreography were added to Fortnite. His lively  song and side-to-side steps, hops, and pose are now known as the Snapshot Swagger emote in Chapter 5, Season 2. It is the first time a Jamaican artist and dance have been featured in the widely-popular online game.