Nigerian singer-songwriter Fireboy DML has unveiled the exhilarating music video for his latest single, “Everyday.” This new visual offering brings the melodic blend of Afrobeat rhythms and heartfelt lyrics to life through captivating storytelling.

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The video opens with a poignant text narration setting the scene: Fireboy and his love interest had an argument, and in an effort to win back her smile, he writes her this song and orchestrates a spontaneous adventure where they crash a wedding together.

“This record is very special to me,” Fireboy DML said. “It tells a story of love, misunderstandings, and the lengths we go to make things right. I wanted to create something that not only entertains but also connects with people universally on a deeper level.”


Directed by the acclaimed TG Omori, the “Everyday” video masterfully alternates between scenes of the couple in moments of conflict and their joyful escapades at the wedding. As Fireboy and his love interest navigate their feelings, the wedding provides a heartwarming backdrop for their reconciliation and joy throughout the night.

Wedding guests, dressed in traditional Nigerian attire, add a rich cultural texture, paying homage to Fireboy’s roots. Throughout the video, Fireboy is seen performing at the wedding, his emotive voice resonating with the song’s theme of love and redemption.

The scenes of the couple dancing together among the cheerful wedding guests beautifully capture the essence of spontaneity, hope, and the healing power of love. The video, rich in cultural elements and emotional depth, showcases Fireboy DML’s ability to blend music and storytelling seamlessly.

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