The new trailer for Focus Features’ upcoming movie “Piece by Piece” is here. Variety reported on this intriguing entry point to share a trailer. And get this, in the trailer Lego Pharrell tells the director, Morgan Neville, “You know what would be cool is if we told my story with Lego pieces.” Who’s Neville, oh he’s just an Oscar-winning documentarian behind “20 Feet From Stardom,” who responds “Seriously?” Pharrell replies, “Just be open.”

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How did we get here? This reimagined scene actually mirrors a real conversation from nearly five years ago, according to Neville, who shared this tidbit, “That’s how the conversation went down in my head. I didn’t know what it was going to be, but it was going to be interesting and I was completely in.”

Neville doesn’t shy away from the innovation of “Piece by Piece” as he describes the film as unprecedented: “What we made is not like any other movie. I don’t know what a comp for it would be. People can try and label it. It’s just its own film. It’s mind-blowing, in a way, the freedom that we were able to put together in the film, but that only works if you’re channeling your subject.”


The trailer also highlights Williams’ unique perspective on art. Which is highly publicized from his music, to fashion and more “I loved music. It was mesmerizing to me,” he narrates over a scene from his youth.

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