Fif took his Diddy trolling on the road, this time in Miami’s Little Havana at a spot called Dead Flamingo Pop Up where “Diddy Roast” was scheduled to take place and 50 Cent pulled up just to see if the Bad Boy himself was in the building.

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50 even posed for pics with fans and passed around shots of his Branson Cognac, then took to IG about his Diddy adventure. “Yes, I was in attendance I thought puffy might show up because I saw Tom Brady at his. [shrug emoji] he didn’t come, I had the shooters [camera emoji] get your mind out gutter videographers [eyes emoji] what!”

The Diddy roast was actually a fundraiser for the National Domestic Violence Hotline and although 50 didn’t get on the stage, it featured sets from local Miami comedians Lonnie Cox, Ricky Cruz and Drew Illa.

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Some of the jabs sounded like, “Sean Combs got his nickname ‘Puffy’ because that’s how he leaves his girlfriends after every relationship.”

Brittany Brave, the emcee at the event, also spoke about how comedy helped her out of an abusive relationship.

“[The Diddy scandal] is topical right now so it made sense to join the conversation in a productive way,” she said. “Comedy is what pulled me out of an abusive relationship that lasted for three years and it continues to help all of us make sense of life, especially the parts of it that sting.”

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