Certain pockets of the music industry are wondering where are The Carters? According to Page Six, Beyoncé and JAY-Z are rumored to be keeping a low profile amidst Diddy’s scandal, despite Hov being seen for involvement in soccer, the NFL and more.

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An insider says the two were not trying to show their face due to their close friendship association with the disgraced Bad Boy Records mogul.

“This was supposed to be Beyoncé’s time, with her much-anticipated country album out [just] two months ago. And yet, she is nowhere to be seen. The album is slipping and Jay and B aren’t reveling in the spotlight,” said an insider. “About a month before the [March 29] release, Jay-Z got up at the Grammys and whined that Beyoncé had never won Album of the Year. But now what? Does he think she will win . . . for ‘Cowboy Carter’ with no promotion . . . no appearances and no wooing of the academy?”


The insider added, “Something is going on. It came out with a bang. No. 1 everywhere. [Now] it and she have disappeared.”

There are currently no allegations or connections of wrongdoings to The Carters.