Stephen A. Smith is still hanging on to the Oscars slap. Appearing on his podcast ahead of the launch of Bad Boys: Ride or Die, he asked, “Are we embracing Will Smith again?”

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Stephen A. wants Will to have a discussion with the Black community about his decision to slap Chris Rock.

“You got to have a conversation as to why you did that,” Stephen A. Smith said. “It’s primarily us as Black people who have loved and supported you and watched you go on an international stage and slap one of us in the face.”


Do you agree with Stephen A.’s sentiment? You can hear it from him below.

Despite Stephen A.’s opinion, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have once again captivated audiences with their latest film, Bad Boys 4: Ride or Die.

The newest installment of the beloved franchise achieved a domestic box office haul of $56 million over the weekend. The film’s success extended beyond the US, bringing in nearly $50 million globally, making it the first blockbuster hit of the summer season with a total opening weekend revenue of $104.6 million.

The dynamic duo’s on-screen chemistry and action-packed performances have resonated with fans, drawing large crowds to theaters. “Bad Boys 4: Ride or Die” continues the thrilling saga of Miami detectives Mike Lowrey (Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Lawrence), delivering the high-octane action and humor that audiences have come to expect from the series.

The film’s impressive box office performance solidifies its status as a major summer blockbuster, setting a high bar for upcoming releases. As the first big hit of the season, “Bad Boys 4” has generated significant buzz and excitement among moviegoers, promising a strong continued showing in theaters worldwide.

With its successful opening weekend, “Bad Boys 4: Ride or Die” reaffirms the franchise’s enduring appeal and the star power of Smith and Lawrence, marking the iconic duo’s triumphant return to the big screen.

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