Recently, the Los Angeles Lakers missed out on their top head coaching choice, Dan Hurley. ICYMI, the two-time NCAA champion, just declined a six-year, $70 million offer to coach the Lake Show and stay with UConn. 

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Of course, the critics have to tie this to LeBron James, as they always need a way to talk about him. The arguable GOAT became the focal point of multiple debates. 

Some naysayers suggested that the four-time NBA champion “doesn’t wanna win anymore.”


In typical vocal fashion, LeBron responded to this nonsensical claim on social media. He addressed the doubts about his commitment to winning.

Meanwhile, the Lakers continue their search for a head coach who can secure immediate success and build for the future, a balance necessary given James’ remaining years in his storied career.

The 39-year-old James aims to contend for another title next season, making this offseason crucial for the Lakers as they seek a coach capable of maximizing James’ championship window while preparing the team for the long term.

Our bet is on JJ Redick. But that’s just a guess, ha!