Judge Ural Glanville has his sights set on who informed Brian Steel, Young Thug’s attorney, about the ex parte meeting with himself, the prosecution, and controversial witness Kenneth “Lil Woody” Copeland. Yesterday(June 11), Judge Granville announced a Show Cause order to everyone present for the conversation to prove that they were not the source of the leaked information or they will be held in contempt.

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The meeting is scheduled to be held on June 25th.

On Monday, Steel demanded a mistrial in court after finding out about the ex parte meeting. Copeland decided not to testify, even after taking an immunity which required his testimony on the stand.


“You’re not supposed to have communication with a witness who’s been sworn,” Steel argued. “… If that’s true what this is is coercion, witness intimidation, ex parte communications that we have a constitutional right to be present for.”

“I still want to know, how did you come upon this information,” Glanville demanded. “Who told you?” Glanville held Steel in contempt of court, sentencing him to 10 weekends in jail. “You don’t get to extort the court. It doesn’t work that way,” he said. Steel also requested that he spend the jail time in the same cell as Young Thug if his appeal doesn’t go through.

The YSL/Young Thug RICO trial is the longest-running proceeding in Georgia’s history.