“Fight Night: The Million Dollar Heist,” a limited series on Peacock, dives into the notorious armed robbery after Muhammad Ali’s historic 1970 comeback fight. Yes, that happened!

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The series premieres on September 5 and is based on the iHeart true-crime podcast of the same name.

Ge this, the story follows Chicken Man (Kevin Hart), who throws an afterparty celebrating Ali’s fight, attracting the nation’s wealthiest. The night ends with a bold heist, making it one of Atlanta’s most infamous crimes. Chicken Man, accused of orchestrating the robbery, strives to clear his name and must convince J.D. Hudson (Don Cheadle), one of Atlanta’s first Black detectives, who is determined to solve the case.


“Fight Night: The Million Dollar Heist” features a top-notch cast, including superstar Samuel L. Jackson as Frank Moten, Taraji P. Henson as Vivian Thomas, and Terrence Howard as Cadillac Richie. Guest stars include Chloe Bailey as Lena Mosley, Marsha Stephanie Blake as Delores Hudson, Lori Harvey as Lola Falana, and Sinqua Walls as McKinley Rogers.

Heist, true crime, strong black cast. Sounds like must see TV.