For 14 years, Sprayground’s founder David BenDavid (DBD) has been boldly redefining the travel fashion landscape with a daring fusion of fluid prints, expressive graphics, and convention-defying designs. This pioneering spirit has yielded an array of thought-provoking collections and collaborations that have reimagined the streetwear scene, all infused with the brand’s inimitable style. 

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With a rich history that spans from humble beginnings in NYC to its current status as one of the most coveted fashion brands born in the 21st century, Sprayground is celebrating its anniversary with a unique collection that looks to the future while honoring its heritage. DBD has designed each piece in this drop to incorporate the brand’s unique aesthetics, ensuring that every bag will become a sought-after staple in any fashion enthusiast’s collection. 

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The collection features 100 new designs in the form of backpacks, tote bags, and mini backpacks, including collaborations with beloved childhood cartoons like SpongeBob, Pink Panther, The Powerpuff Girls, Pac-Man, and more. Each piece is carefully crafted to incorporate the brand’s unique aesthetic. 


Sprayground’s best-selling backpacks boast multiple pockets, ergonomic mesh back padding, a separate laptop compartment, and velour compartments. This fusion of style and practicality makes them the ultimate choice for those seeking both functionality and fashion. 

This collection promises to be a spectacle like no other, unleashing a symphony of design, artistry, and dynamic innovation. Whether you’re a devoted follower of Sprayground’s unparalleled legacy or a curious newcomer, this collection will transport you into a realm where creativity knows no bounds. 

Spraygrounds 14th Anniversary Collection will be available to purchase on June 13, 2024 at and exclusive boutiques worldwide. 

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