Streamer Peacock just released the new trailer for the true crime documentary “TikTok Star Murders,” which 50 Cent executive produced. 

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The documentary will unpack the relationship between TikTok personality Ali Abulaban and his wife Ana, which, on the surface, seemed great but ultimately took a deadly turn for the worse. 

Here’s the official synopsis:


Ali and Ana Abulaban have it all — great jobs, a beautiful young daughter and the promise of stardom. A TikTok creator who gained popularity under the username JinnKid in late 2019, Ali is known for his viral Skyrim and Scarface comedic impressions, often featuring his beautiful wife, Ana. To his fans, Ali is talented, funny, charismatic and has a picture-perfect relationship with the modelesque Ana. They seemingly have it all, but not everything online is as it seems. Under the surface is a relationship falling apart, full of domestic violence, and Ali is filming it — disturbing never-before-seen footage of private fights from his cell phone. Narcissism, addiction and crippling jealousy all play a role in Ali’s desire for control and fame, while Ana seeks independence and a happy life for her and her daughter. The relationship disintegrates, and in October of 2021, the abuse takes a deadly turn that leaves two people dead, and another facing a lifetime behind bars.

The seemingly compelling documentary will employ private, never-before-aired cellphone footage and audio to trace how the couple’s relationship led to murder. The doc includes first-time interviews with the couple’s close friends and family, commentary from reporter Kelsey Christensen, who interviewed Ali upon his arrest, and insights from a clinical forensic psychologist.

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is executive producing alongside Zak Weisfeld, Libby Richman, Elizabeth Fisher, and George Plamondon, who will serve as the showrunner.

“TikTok Star Murders” is set to premiere on June 25.

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