Grammy-nominated superstar Spice, the Queen of Dancehall, returns with her first single of the year, “2085 Tea.” This track marks her most vulnerable release, offering fans a deeply personal look into her life. Spice serves a cup of hot, spicy tea, revealing some of her most controversial headlining moments.

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“2085 Tea” captures Spice’s unique sound as she candidly addresses her struggles over the past few years, many of which have played out in the public eye. The upbeat song bares her raw truth, connecting with fans by showing that she faces life’s adversities like anyone else. The track covers betrayal, colorism, industry backlash, sabotage, and cheating allegations.

Spice’s imaginative time travel to 2085 highlights the song’s creativity, where she embodies her future self as an old woman. Using an ‘old granny voice,’ she speaks to her younger self about past experiences and how they shaped her into the triumphant woman she is today.


“2085 Tea” spills exclusive, never-before-told truths, including how one of her closest dancers had an affair with her children’s father, and her battles with colorism and industry standards. Spice also reveals the truth about being sabotaged by a powerful music executive and her decade-long struggle with her previous record label.

With such highly controversial topics, Spice risks it all to connect with her fans on a deeper, more personal level. “I am in an era where I want to live in my truth,” says Spice. “Being an open book comes with revealing personal experiences to remind people that I am human and go through similar things just like them.”

The music video for “2085 Tea” is a next-level experience. It features Spice transformed into an older version of herself with makeup prosthetics by Nosworthy Creations. The video, directed by JD Production and produced by Spice Official Entertainment, showcases her storytelling prowess, proving why she is hailed as the most creative female Dancehall artist.

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