This Father’s Day, A$AP Rocky celebrated in luxury and style, marking the occasion with a heartfelt campaign for the Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta. The rapper, who recently became an official ambassador for the brand, starred in the latest series titled “Portraits of Fatherhood,” showcasing a stylish playtime with his two children, two-year-old RZA and ten-month-old Riot Rose.

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Dressed head-to-toe in Matthieu Blazy’s latest collection for Bottega Veneta, Rocky is seen in various heartwarming moments with his children. In one snap, Rocky sits on the floor, introducing his Veneta-clad children to a toy piano, while in another, he joins them in playing a keyboard. Photographer Carrie Mae Weems captured the essence of fatherhood with references to classic ’90s posters, depicting Rocky lifting his babies above his head. Another endearing shot shows Riot wearing a ‘Best Dad’ baby-gro while perched on his dad’s shoulders.

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This campaign signifies a pivotal evolution for the rapper, who has embraced family life with Rihanna and their two children. Speaking with Dazed, Rocky reflected on this transformation, saying, “This player persona is very pushed. When you think about a rapper, you think about adolescence, about the single bachelor lifestyle. When you think about A$AP Rocky, you think about a playboy, pretty boy, bras being thrown on stage. This is about me as a one-woman man, as a family man. It’s about what completes my life now: being present as a partner and a parent.”

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Carrie Mae Weems, who photographed the campaign, expressed how Rocky’s dedication to his family moved her deeply. “This was a unique opportunity to say something not just positive, but truthful—not just about Rocky’s own experience, but about how that reflects out to the broader population,” she told Dazed. “In the wake of all the atrocities committed against Black men—particularly because of their masculinity—Rocky can be seen with his children, in love. To be able to speak that authenticity through him was galvanizing.”

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The series of adorable photos in the “Portraits of Fatherhood” campaign speak volumes about Rocky’s newfound role and identity as a devoted father and partner. This Father’s Day celebration, captured through the lens of Bottega Veneta’s luxury, highlights a softer, more intimate side of the rapper, resonating with many and redefining his public persona.

Explore more of the cute campaign below and witness the beautiful moments of Rocky embracing fatherhood.

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