Renowned for its travel-inspired signature prints, Bydee has unveiled its first-ever single-colourway core collection, De Corazón. This collection, embodying authenticity and passion, features three new colourways across swim and resort wear and introduces a unique Bydee plaque and custom charm shaped like a postcard. The charm bears a special message from CEO and Creative Director, Dessy Hairis, that reads, “Inspired by Travel, Defined by Detail.”

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CEO and Creative Director, Dessy Hairis

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De Corazón: From the Heart

De Corazón, translating to “From the Heart,” encapsulates a mantra of authenticity, passion, and sincerity. Fueled by a wanderlust for coastal escapes and endless summer days, the collection is inspired by dreamy destinations and the allure of sun-kissed beaches. Bydee’s pieces are meticulously hand-tailored using high-quality Lycra, made with Econyl® and Repreve®, 100% regenerated polyamide fiber from post-consumer materials.


Trendy Summer Looks

Dessy Hairis, Creative Director and Founder of Bydee, shares her insights on the trendiest looks for the summer. “This Summer, having just been in Europe and going back for the latter part of Euro Summer, I am just loving sheer dresses over swimwear and I can’t get past a few staple crisp white cotton pieces. I absolutely lived in our Andressa Dress in Floresta; it’s so light and easy to pack! I actually hang it in the shower while having a hot shower (travel hack!), and it steams out and is ready to wear!”

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Hairis continues, “I also lived in our Valeria skirt and top in Paloma; launching June 5th, they’re the perfect crisp white, breathable cotton, which is a wardrobe essential in the heat of Summer!”

Minimalist Aesthetic and Community Connection

Bydee’s De Corazón collection marks a departure from its renowned travel-inspired prints, focusing on single-colourway designs. This shift was inspired by feedback from the Bydee community, who expressed a desire for minimalistic pieces that still embody Bydee’s attention to detail. “Having built the Bydee brand over the last few years, it is one of our core values that we continue to listen to our community of Bydee babes. We had received feedback that our babes wanted our shapes, fabrics, and details, but in pieces that took more of a minimalistic approach,” Hairis explains.

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“Of course, we still packed it with all of the Bydee details that our babes know and love, including a custom Bydee charm, gold branded plaque, and the most buttery Repreve Lycra lining. We launched this collection not only to give our babes what they had been asking for but we have also carefully Pantone-matched these colourways to complement both our existing and yet-to-come Bydee prints launching in 2024!”

Resonating with Modern Consumers

Reflecting on the deeper meaning behind the De Corazón collection, Hairis notes, “Whilst the translation of this collection means ‘from the heart,’ all of our collections are from the heart. So much love, thought, and passion go into everything we do here at Bydee, and it is so important to us that we are bringing our Bydee Babes not only a quality product but also listening to what they want to see from us as a brand and constantly evolving while inspiring positive change.”

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Hairis highlights the evolving expectations of the fashion industry and the importance of connecting with the Bydee community. “Engaging and connecting with our community is so important; we do this through social media events, giveaways, and user-generated content. We inspire our babes to travel and make memories with those around them. We promote sustainability and inclusivity, fostering a loyal community of Bydee Babes. We are more than just a brand; we are a community, and this transcends through everything we do at Bydee!”

Setting Trends with Personalization and Detail

The custom charm and unique Bydee plaque are standout features of the De Corazón collection. Hairis believes these details will set trends for personalized and detail-oriented summer wear. “Bydee has always had a focus on the smaller details. Personally, as the founder of Bydee, I truly believe that it’s these small details that set us apart and have made us the brand so many women love. These details show our customers how much thought goes into each and every piece we bring to life.”

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Each collection at Bydee includes a custom charm, taking months to develop and aligning with the story of each collection. “Each piece from the De Corazón collection also features a new addition, the Bydee plaque in our custom gold color. We are often recognized for our prints, so with this collection not featuring our prints, we added some extra special details. We also included our branded quote, ‘Inspired by travel, defined by detail’ on the under collar of our Valetta shirt, which is just such a special little addition I know our customers will love!”

Bydee’s De Corazón collection is set to redefine summer fashion, emphasizing minimalistic designs, attention to detail, and a heartfelt connection with the community.

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