Miami-based Nigerian rap sensation SGaWD just dropped her new-new and she’s bringing it straight to The Source. Tha GaWD – Side A is her audacious new EP, serving as the highly anticipated follow-up to her seminal debut project Savage Bitch Juice

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This new EP is a defiant sonic exploration that sees SGaWD melding rap, house, electronica, and afropop into an intoxicating mix that is as innovative as it is inviting. Tha GaWD – Side A highlights SGaWD’s remarkable versatility as a rapper and singer, enabling her to traverse genres effortlessly with melodic flows that transcend musical boundaries and a captivating vocal range that complements her lyrical prowess. The 7-track EP reflects SGaWD’s growth as an artist and a woman navigating the complexities of the music industry, embodying her journey of self-discovery and artistic freedom.

The inspiration behind Tha GaWD – Side A is as multifaceted as SGaWD herself. From the empowering “Money Prayer” to the liberating “Dump All Your Worries On The Dance Floor”, and the introspective “Talking Too Much”, each track offers a glimpse into SGaWD’s world, her thoughts, and her artistic evolution. Collaborations with talents like Moliy and GRAMMY-nominated producer GMK add further layers to the EP, showcasing SGaWD’s ability to create new sounds that resonate with listeners globally. As SGaWD puts it, “I want my listeners to feel alive! This project is for trying new things that sound great, evoke emotion, and stick.”


Crafted over the past two years across the vibrant landscapes of Lagos, London, and Miami, where she currently resides, this new project is a testament to SGaWD’s artistic evolution and the first fruits of the Nigerian rap sensation diving into her era of exploration and experimentation. Her intentions with Tha GaWD – Side A are to let listeners into her world, sharing personal stories of love, introspection, and escapism, while uncovering the intricacies of navigating the music industry as a woman with ambitions that eclipse the conventional rapper’s scope. This EP is a testament to SGaWD’s hard work, her willingness to learn and evolve, and her unwavering faith in her path, making Tha GaWD – Side A an essential listen for anyone eager to experience the future of international rap music.

Stream the full Tha GaWD – Side A EP below.


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