Back in March, Kanye West made headlines for his outburst against popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat, accusing him of being paid to mock his Yeezy sweatpants. The tension between the two escalated when the Yeezy team sent Kai oversized gear, which seemed to add fuel to the fire.

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Now, months later, the feud has resurfaced in a surprising context. Over the weekend, Kai Cenat shared pictures with Kanye’s eldest daughter, North West, after attending her 11th birthday party. The photos, which showed Kai and North in a casual and friendly setting, quickly went viral, igniting a fresh wave of controversy.

The backlash was swift and intense, with many on social media deeming the interaction inappropriate. Critics questioned the appropriateness of a Twitch streamer attending a young girl’s birthday party, given the previous public tension with her father. Some accused Kai of leveraging the situation for clout, while others expressed concern over the perceived intrusion into the child’s private life.


In response to the backlash, Kai Cenat took to social media to explain the circumstances. He emphasized that the invitation came directly from the West family and that his attendance was in no way an attempt to provoke or gain attention. Kai clarified that the photos were shared in good faith, celebrating North’s birthday and showing appreciation for the invitation.

“I want to clear the air and address the situation,” Kai said in an Instagram Live session. “I was invited to North’s birthday party by the West family. It was a great celebration, and I respected their space and privacy. The pictures were just a way to share a special moment with my followers, and I had no intention of stirring any controversy.”

Kai continued, “I understand how things can be misconstrued, especially with the history between Kanye and me. But this was about North’s birthday, nothing more, nothing less.”

This incident highlights the complex nature of public beef, especially when it involves their children. While the initial feud between Kanye West and Kai Cenat was rooted in disputes and misunderstandings, the involvement of North West added another dimension that stirred public interest and concern.

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