The musical journey continues as Melo Griffith and Travis Thickle proudly announce the release of their long-awaited sequel, “The Caves Have Wifi 2”. This ambitious project sees Toronto-raised artist Melo Griffith and Ottawa-based producer Travis Thickle join forces once again to offer listeners an immersive experience into their creative minds.
Following the cliffhanger of their first album, “The Caves Have Wifi,” where a mysterious bass-heavy cave was discovered behind a trippy melodic door at the end of “Tell Me,” the duo ventures even further in this new album. “The Caves Have Wifi 2” delves deeper into a rich soundscape, exploring jungle tones with hints of solitude and adventure, proving that these caves, too, have wifi – a metaphor for deep connections and shared human experiences.

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“The Caves Have Wifi 2” is a masterful blend of transient sounds, heavy bass notes, and somber energy, complemented by bouncy rhythms, light melodic vocals, intricate rap flows, and ethereal, dream-like sequences. This project encourages self-reflection and connection by taking listeners on a journey through trials and tribulations.

“Think of the album as the caves of your mind, allowing you to connect with others, like wifi,” says Griffith.


Melo Griffith has shown remarkable growth through his singles “Luck” and “Avenue,” both included in the new album. The featured single, “OMW (RUN IT UP),” is a powerful anthem about escaping the rat race and overcoming everyday struggles. It speaks to the challenge of balancing day jobs with the pursuit of dreams, encapsulating self-care and determination.

Both Thickle and Griffith are excited to share their latest creation:

“Caves 2 will be a true showcase of our versatility and creativity as artists. It’ll have a lil something for everyone.” – Travis Thickle

“This sequel is long awaited but worth every moment of time. We’re bringing substance back to creating music and passion back to making projects.” – Melo Griffith

“The Caves Have Wifi 2” is now available on all major streaming platforms. 

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About Melo Griffith: 

Melo Griffith is an alternative rap and Indie R&B artist using hypnotic voicing and colourful lyricism to bend the lines of contemporary hip-hop creativity. Raised in the GTA and with roots in Ottawa, Melo has learned to mix smooth blues and funk influences with a raw adaptation of the inner city Toronto Rap Sound. His ability to use bedroom dream tones and powerful expressions allows him to build world-like soundscapes eliciting vivid imagery and deep emotion in the music. This is where we truly find a Vivid Imagination Being Evolved by Melo – a VIBE if you will.

Whether he’s bringing heavy dynamic energy, or gliding on smooth melodies, Melo continues to push the boundaries of his creativity as a black-male artist in the Toronto music scene, not allowing himself to be confined to standard rap methodology and instead exploring the indie-alternative and bedroom pop sides of his musicality. In one word he is “Rapternative”.

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