Founding team member and former G-Unit Records executive Kelvin Goode, now CEO of ClaimsHero, is spearheading a monumental battle against TikTok, representing over 25,000 families in a fight for justice. The popular social media platform’s “no class action” clause has complicated the legal landscape, forcing families into individual arbitration. ClaimsHero, however, steps in to offer guidance and amplify the voices of those impacted by TikTok’s practices.

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The campaign has brought to light the app’s damaging impact on young users and what parents can do to combat it. The timing couldn’t be more pertinent. On January 31, social media executives testified before the U.S. Senate, addressing their failures to protect children online. The Senate is now preparing to pass the Kid Online Safety Act (KOSA), marking the most significant tech regulations in decades.

ClaimsHero: Advocating for Families

Kelvin Goode’s journey to ClaimsHero began with his tenure at G-Unit Records, where he witnessed artists struggle with legal representation during complex deals. This experience ignited his passion for justice, leading to the creation of ClaimsHero, a platform dedicated to leveling the legal playing field.

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“Before jumping into ClaimsHero, I want to thank you for helping us amplify our message,” Goode said. “During my time in the entertainment industry, I saw artists sign away their valuable rights for pennies on the dollar simply because they did not understand what they were signing. The glaring disparities in legal representation fueled my passion to become a lawyer.”

The Human Impact of TikTok

The families represented by ClaimsHero have endured severe emotional distress due to TikTok’s influence. Cases range from depression and eating disorders to thoughts of self-harm. Brittany, a claimant, revealed how her 12-year-old daughter’s distressing TikTok post drastically altered her behavior. Lakeeta shared how her daughter, once an outgoing cheerleader, turned to self-harm. Leigh spoke of her teenage daughter’s battle with anxiety and depression.

“This isn’t just legal; it’s a deeply human story,” Goode emphasized. “Our heartfelt interviews showcase the emotional toll of TikTok’s impact.”


The Rocket Foundation Summit

Goode’s advocacy is further highlighted through initiatives like the Rocket Foundation Summit, which recently partnered with the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention. This event, held during Gun Violence Prevention Month, included panels on community violence intervention and youth programs, underscoring the importance of collaborative efforts in tackling societal issues.

ClaimsHero’s Mission and Methods

ClaimsHero is committed to ensuring justice for all consumers, particularly those affected by TikTok’s practices. By connecting claimants with lawyers on a contingency basis, ClaimsHero makes legal representation accessible. The platform also provides resources and support to navigate the complex arbitration process.

“Consumers deserve a fair chance at justice,” Goode stated. “Major corporations like TikTok have become too powerful. Consumers, especially children, need the tools to enforce their rights.”

TikTok’s recent changes to its terms of service, including a one-year statute of limitations and prohibiting class arbitration, have made ClaimsHero’s role even more crucial. Studies have linked TikTok use to increased risks of mental health issues among teenagers, leading to investigations and lawsuits against the platform.


A Call to Action

Kelvin Goode’s message to TikTok and other tech companies is clear: Respect user privacy and uphold legal standards for data protection. ClaimsHero stands at the forefront of this battle, empowering consumers to confront unfair practices and seek compensation.

“The days of big tech suppressing consumers’ rights through fine print are numbered,” Goode declared. “ClaimsHero believes in justice for all, not just the powerful. Together we stand, together we fight, together we win.”

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