Last year, Lil Wayne faced a lawsuit from his former bodyguard, who accused the rapper of physical assault and brandishing a semi-automatic rifle. Now, the legal battle may be derailed due to a clerical error.

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Radar Online reports that the bodyguard, Christian Carlos, is fighting to keep his lawsuit from being dismissed. Carlos filed the suit in December 2023, alleging an “assault and battery” incident at Lil Wayne’s Los Angeles home on December 1, 2021. He claimed that the rapper, whose legal name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., punched him in the head and threatened him with a semi-automatic rifle, causing physical injury, severe emotional distress, PTSD, and financial losses.

The key issue is whether Carlos filed the lawsuit within the two-year statute of limitations for his allegations. According to Carlos’ legal team, the lawsuit was electronically filed just after noon on December 1, 2023, the last eligible day. However, due to a discrepancy, the filing was rejected and not officially entered until December 4, after resubmitting a corrected document.


Carlos’ attorney argues that the court should extend the statute of limitations, known as “tolling,” or correct the filing date to the original submission. The legal team contends that the court’s rejection of the electronically filed complaint should trigger a mandatory tolling of the statute of limitations or that the court clerk had a duty to file the complaint as of the date it was presented, despite the technical defect.

A hearing on this motion is scheduled for August 1 at a courthouse in Van Nuys. The outcome will determine whether Carlos’ lawsuit against Lil Wayne can proceed or if it will be dismissed due to the filing error.

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