Nearly a year has passed since the jury in YNW Melly’s double murder case declared themselves deadlocked on his guilt. Since then, the retrial of Melly, whose real name is Jamell Demons, has faced numerous delays and complications.

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In July 2023, after three days of deliberation, the jury could not reach a unanimous decision on the first-degree murder charges, resulting in a mistrial. This led to significant developments, including the removal of a prosecutor, the exclusion of key evidence, and new charges.

ICYMI, Melly has been incarcerated in Broward since February 2019, accused of killing his childhood friends Anthony Williams (YNW Sakchaser) and Christopher Thomas Jr. (YNW Juvy) on October 26, 2018, in a staged drive-by shooting after spending time at a Fort Lauderdale recording studio. The 25-year-old rapper faces the death penalty if convicted, under the 8-4 jury vote rule, the lowest threshold in the country for a death sentence.


In October, Broward Circuit Court Judge John Murphy removed prosecutor Kristine Bradley from the case after defense attorneys planned to call her as a witness. Her removal was connected to allegations against Miramar Police Detective Mark Moretti, who was accused by Michelle Boutros, a 20-year veteran prosecutor, of soliciting a deputy to lie during a search warrant execution. Internal Affairs Sgt. Brittany Parker’s report later contradicted Boutros’ claims.

FWIW, A new prosecution team, including Alixandra Buckelew, known for convicting those responsible for rapper XXXTentacion’s murder, has been appointed. Buckelew added numerous witnesses and new evidence, including 58 songs and witness tampering charges.

Despite starting jury selection at the end of 2023, seating a jury may take months. The case has stalled due to prosecutors appealing Judge Murphy’s decision to exclude certain evidence. This evidence primarily came from Melly’s cellphone, email, and social media accounts, and Murphy’s ruling limits the admissible digital evidence to the day of and following the murders. The higher court’s decision on this appeal could further delay the retrial until next year.

Stay tuned for updates on because as it looks, this case is far from over.

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