Monica recently shared why collaborating with Ariana Grande on the remix of “The Boy Is Mine” was an easy decision and how Grande helped mend her relationship with Brandy. On June 7, on Instagram, Grande teased her single, named after Brandy and Monica’s 1998 Grammy-winning song. The music video featured the R&B icons as news anchors in the first 47 seconds, discussing a mayor played by Penn Badgley, whom Grande was infatuated with.

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Following the video’s release, Grande announced that Brandy and Monica would feature in the official remix, which was released that Friday. 

This surprised fans, given the long-standing drama rumors between Brandy and Monica. Monica discussed the song’s concept with ET Online, saying, “I’ve always said that the song should not be touched… But Ariana and [producer] Max Martin — as soon as I heard this version, I fell in love with it.” She praised Grande’s humility and compassion, adding, 


“Everything has been directly from her chest and, for me, authenticity, humility, all of those things are key.”

The last time Brandy and Monica reunited was in 2020 during their Verzuz show. Monica reflected on the new collaboration, saying:

“The process of the new collaboration did a lot of closing the gaps… When you properly communicate… you can find not only the resolutions and solutions to problems — but sometimes you find that there weren’t ever problems, just consistent miscommunications. It made it a lot easier just to talk.”

Sounds like they are on better footing and happy to see the rekindling of friendships between two iconic queens.