In a colorful display of fashion and celebration, New York Liberty’s beloved mascot, Ellie The Elephant, proudly sported a custom-designed jersey by Nina Chanel-Abney. The jersey debut coincided with the global launch of Nina Chanel-Abney’s AJ3 collaboration, marking a unique fusion of sports, art, and style.

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Nina Chanel-Abney, known for her vibrant and dynamic artwork, brought her distinctive aesthetic to Liberty’s mascot attire, enhancing the team’s spirit with her artistic flair. The collaboration underscores the intersection of sports and culture, highlighting the influence of art in the sports arena and beyond.

Following her minimalist AJ2 collaboration in 2022, New York-based contemporary artist and painter Nina Chanel Abney returns with her creative touch on the iconic AJ3. Featuring a blend of waxed canvas and shaggy suede, the textured overlays enrich the shoe’s upper with depth and harmony. The design is complemented by vibrant hits of orange, a Fossil-colored midsole, and accents that complete its aesthetic appeal. Leather-lined collar and tongue enhance comfort and style. Special details such as checkered insoles, rope laces, and custom heel branding underscore Abney’s dedication to craftsmanship.

In a groundbreaking move, Abney becomes the first artist to reimagine the iconic Jumpman logo in her distinctive style through this collaboration. This partnership seamlessly merges contemporary artistry with sneaker culture, paying homage to Jordan’s enduring legacy while pushing artistic boundaries and capturing attention since the original AJ3 release in 1988.