Varnell Hill, a rising luminary in the realm of hip-hop, has recently unleashed a track that not only captivates but also challenges the norms of the genre. “SAVAGE” transcends mere music; it stands as a resolute proclamation of self-assurance and fearless living.

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From its arresting opening hook, “SAVAGE” asserts its presence with a mantra-like repetition of “I’m feeling like savage.” Yet, this isn’t just braggadocio; it’s a testament to a mindset unbound by conventions, where living authentically takes precedence over conformity.

Project Y 9675 2
Project Y 9675 2

Hill’s lyrical finesse shines through in the first verse, seamlessly blending themes of confidence, allure, and a cavalier attitude towards potential repercussions. His delivery is smooth and commanding, perfectly complementing the audacity of his lyrics.


The second verse vividly portrays nocturnal escapades, painting scenes of VIP allure and encounters with eager admirers. Through vivid imagery, Hill invites listeners into his world, allowing them to experience the pulse of nightlife firsthand.

What distinguishes “SAVAGE” is its unapologetic honesty. Hill fearlessly tackles controversial subjects and lays bare his experiences without embellishment, inviting listeners to either resonate deeply or observe from afar.

For enthusiasts seeking a deeper immersion into Varnell Hill’s artistry, his YouTube channel offers an extensive collection of tracks, while his Instagram provides glimpses into the persona behind the music.

“SAVAGE” isn’t just a song; it’s a manifesto, an anthem for those who navigate life boldly and without regret. Varnell Hill has crafted a composition that is bound to resonate widely and solidify his position within the pantheon of hip-hop.

Listen to his Music Here.

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