Oakland-born rapper Ms. Kash is gearing up to drop her latest single “Elevation,” marking another milestone in a journey fueled by passion and persistence. Raised amidst Oakland’s vibrant music scene, Ms. Kash’s musical lineage traces back to her father, a member of the legendary R&B Soul group The Golden Tones. Her upbringing immersed her in a diverse musical palette, from gospel choirs to the beats of Bay Area clubs.

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Ms. Kash’s career began in earnest with performances at iconic venues like San Francisco’s Club 6, alongside emerging artists of the time. Her breakout came with the 2007 hit “Party Tonight,” catapulting her to international acclaim and setting the stage for collaborations with industry giants like Snoop Dogg and Too Short.

Her path, however, has not been without challenges. From navigating Oakland’s tough neighborhoods to overcoming personal trials, including domestic violence and relocation, Ms. Kash’s resilience shines through in her music. Her journey to Seattle, where she rebuilt her life as a single mother, serves as a testament to her determination.


Now, poised to release her debut album In My Bag, Ms. Kash promises fans a sonic journey that reflects her eclectic style and fearless approach to music and fashion. With production by stalwarts Mike D and Saul, the album features a standout collaboration with Kidd Kidd, a founding member of Young Money.

As she prepares to unveil one of the leading tracks of her project, “Elevation,” Ms. Kash remains grounded by her family’s unwavering support and the encouragement of her high school drama teacher, who first recognized her talents. Her story is one of artistic evolution, personal triumph, and a commitment to staying true to herself—an ethos that resonates in every track she delivers.

For Ms. Kash, the journey from Oakland’s streets to the global stage has been about more than just music—it’s been about elevating herself and inspiring others along the way. Dive into the sounds of Ms. Kash below, get familiar with her journey via Instagram @mskashmusic, and stay tuned for the drop 8/9.