So who cheated on Kehlani and why was the affair “diabolical?” During an interview with Nessa on Hot 97, Kehlani opened up about their new song Better Not from the album Crash and recounted a shocking incident involving an ex. 

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Get this, Nessa described the track as “alarming,” referencing the lyrics: 

“I almost died the night when I caught you in somebody’s Benz (Ooh, ooh) / I better not catch you doing that sh”t again / And you’re not wrong, ’cause you’re not mine / I would choose this dance with you in every life / Though we’re just a little more than friends / I better not catch you doing that sh”t again.”


I mean the bars are kind of alarming …

When asked about the craziest thing they’ve ever witnessed, Kehlani shared a startling experience: 

“This is actually psychotic. It’s actually diabolical. I found a stack of Polaroids of all the women that he cheated on me with. He was keeping them in Polaroid form in his travel bag,” they revealed to Nessa.

Here’s where it gets weird. 

Kehlani explained that they discovered the Polaroids while trying to clean up during a trip out of town. 

“I was putting things away,” they said. In fairness, at the time, Kehlani was just 19 or 20 years old and reacted differently than they would today. “I was not the girl I am today that would be like, ‘Yo. Wow.’ I was definitely like, ‘Oh my God. Terrifying.’ And I threw them away. He never mentioned it to me and I never said anything. But there were crazier things that happened in that situation, so it checks out.”

Who do ya’ll think it was? 10 years or so ago. Do the math and let us know. 

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