It’s not a hot girl summer for Azealia Banks, who just filed a lawsuit against her landlord. She accused him of wrongfully blaming her for a rodent infestation and allowing unauthorized filming of her lingerie, which was reported exclusively by In Touch. 

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Get this: the plot thickens. Court documents obtained by In Touch reveal that Azealia made these allegations after facing an eviction lawsuit. 

On June 4th, her landlord, Isis Claro, sued Azealia, claiming she occupied their property under an oral lease agreement. 


According to The Neighborhood Talk, Isis alleged that Azealia owed $8,000 in back rent and sought her eviction from a 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom, 3,088 square-foot home in Palmetto Bay, Florida. 

Sheesh, eight racks?

But hold on now, Azealia responded with a countersuit against Isis and another individual, firmly denying any wrongdoing. 

She stated, “Defendant has complied with all controlling terms of the Parties’ Lease Agreement, including the timely payment of rent.” Azealia disputed the rent amount and additional charges imposed by the landlord, asserting that she had signed a one-year lease starting in January 2023 with a monthly rent of $7,050 and had paid a $14,600 security deposit. 

Diving in, she claimed the landlord failed to issue a new lease after the initial term ended and subjected her to “egregious conduct and harassment” during her tenancy.

Banks further accused the landlord of neglecting maintenance tasks, refusing rent payments, and invading her privacy. Additionally, she alleged that the landlord allowed unauthorized access by a third party who filmed her personal belongings, including lingerie, constituting harassment and intimidation at inconvenient times.

Regarding the condition of the rental, Azealia claimed that the landlord falsely blamed her for a rodent infestation originating from the property’s roof. Despite repairmen’s notifications, the issue remained unresolved. Her lawsuit demands the return of her security deposit and legal fees. 

As of July 2nd, the landlord sought dismissal of Azealia’s claims and requested possession of the property pending a judge’s ruling. The rent crisis in America is no joke, and it seems that not even Azealia Banks is immune. 

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