Los Angeles based rapper HoodTrophy Bino (Tadashi Sayres) creates empowering music about overcoming hardships and leveling up in life. Raised by a single mother in a house with fourteen brothers and sisters under one roof in Palmdale, California and later the crime ridden projects of South Central LA, HoodTrophy Bino (“Bino”) succumbed to the gang life that surrounded him. Finding an important outlet in music when violence surrounded him, Bino began rapping himself – first being exposed to freestyle through his older brother.

Due to gang involvement and a father serving a life-sentence in San Quentin, Bino began repeating a doomed path that found him circulating in and out of jail. During one of his short stints, he met Soulja Boy who was also serving time. The two developed a friendship after Bino wrote him a letter and gave him a bag of Hot Cheetos. Shortly after his release from jail, Big Draco reached out and signed Bino to his S.O.D.M.G. (Stacks on Deck Money Gang) label having been impressed by his determination and musical talent. Venturing into the studio soon after, they recorded their first song “Racing In Traffic” in 2021.
Bino’s music discusses his life and what he’s been through. His debut album On The Run (2024) offers introspective tracks about his upbringing in South Central LA projects along with euphoric party anthems. Bino’s most recent single “I Want Her (Remix) ft. Kalan.FrFr” is about being caught between imagination and reality. Alongside powerful hip-hop force Kalan.FrFr, the two rappers get lost in a sensual daydream that ruminates over two different women.
The respect and love Bino has received from music has given him hope and encouraged him to show a better life to his young children. By reducing his sentence from 13 years to a 7 year joint suspension for good behavior, recently taken off parole and now officially out of the system he was in since age 13, HoodTrophy Bino is a standout example of someone who has overcome insurmountable obstacles, escaped gang life, and created a better future for himself and his family. Today, he is an advocate for gang members who grow up in the hood and witness death every other day with seemingly no way out. Developing his own PTSD, anxiety, and depression, Bino knows many young people are overlooked without an outlet for therapy or a way to express themselves. 

At SXSW, Bino premiered the documentary “HoodTrophy Bino: Breaking the Generational Curse” Directed by the talented GEBAR, “HoodTrophy Bino: Breaking the Generational Curse” offers an intimate look into the life story of acclaimed rapper HoodTrophy Bino and his journey growing up in the South Central LA projects. The documentary explores the artist’s determination to break free from the cycle of generational curses and overcome the challenges faced in his environment.

HoodTrophy Bino has opened for Soulja Boy, Tee Grizzley, Bow Wow, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Omarion, Flo Malcom, Skinnyfromthe9, YN Jay, and Ohgeesy. His upcoming album HoodTrophy, which features artists Mozzy, 03Greedo, Jehki and RadioBase. HoodTrophy Bino is a prolific rapper and motivator for his generation. “I’m not here because I’m the best, I’m here because they tried to break me and they couldn’t.”

From his gritty early mixtapes to collaborating with some of his biggest idols, Bino’s journey from the streets of South Central LA to the bright lights of unfolding success is intensely personal—a life lived on the edge. This is the essence of HoodTrophy Bino, a testament to the enduring spirit of hip hop.
HoodTrophy Bino’s latest release, “HoodTrophy”, reflects on his life story while addressing recent incidents of racial profiling against his loved ones and exploring themes that resonate deeply with his fans. Breaking free from the shackles of gang life and poverty, Bino has stayed authentic while blazing a new trail.

The album’s lead single and video, “Storytime”, featuring Peso Peso, weaves feverishly fast piano undercurrents with a dark, menacing flow, unraveling a tale of survival. The other tracks feature heavyweights Kalan.frfr, Mozzy, Mike Jay, Peso Peso, and Risktaker, in an 11-track project that cements Bino’s place in the hip-hop pantheon.

“HoodTrophy” comes at the heels of Bino’s documentary Breaking the Generational Curse, which has has already taken home an impressive 11 awards in the film festival circuit so far, and kicks off his tour with Haiti Babii.

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