The 2024 Summer Olympics are around the corner, and ICYMI, US gymnast Jordan Chiles secured her spot on the team after an impressive performance at the Olympic trials earlier this week. That in itself is life-changing and a moment Chiles will forever appreciate, but in a show of support, Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion sent Chiles a special gift. 

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After qualifying, Chiles gave a shoutout to Megan. 

“This was for you uncle and Megan, I’m going to the AHH-lympics!” the 23-year-old gymnast told reporters, mimicking Meg’s signature ad-lib when saying “Olympics” by sticking out her tongue and saying “AHH.”


Get this: Megan noticed the shoutout and responded on Twitter, posting “my girl” along with several heart emojis. 

It gets better. Soon after, Chiles shared a photo of a bouquet of flowers she received from Megan, captioning it, “I’m literally crying. Thank you, friend. These flowers are beautiful!”

The note from Megan read, “Congratulations for qualifying for the AHH-lympics! Very excited to watch you shine in Paris and represent for all the Hot Girls! Megan.”

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Wow. Women supporting women not to mention the cultural crossover from Hip Hop to the Olympics. This was definitely genuine, but even still, it was smart marketing all around.

Chiles’ admiration for Megan wasn’t unexpected. 

In a previous interview, she mentioned how Megan’s music, along with tracks from Beyoncé and GloRilla, helped boost her confidence and motivation. “The whole time while we were getting ready we were vibing, we were listening to music, you know, Megan, Beyoncé, GloRilla. Every girl artist you can think of was popping up,” she said. “And I was like, ‘You know what? If these girls can slay like this, I can go out there and slay like them.’”

The 2024 Paris Olympics will kick off with the opening ceremony on July 26 and run through August 11.

Even Snoop will be doing some Olympic commentary so there’s plenty to tune in for from the Hip Hop sphere.

Meanwhile, Megan is enjoying a successful run on her Hot Girl Summer Tour, with her next stop in Paris on July 7. Timing is impeccable after her gesture to Chiles … The tour’s Europe leg will conclude on July 17 before heading back to the U.S. for final performances in Chicago and Washington, D.C. Only right, wrapping up in the nation’s capital. Megan out here winning, for sure.

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