Hip-hop icon Missy Elliott, 52, recently started her highly anticipated tour, Out of This World – The Missy Elliott Experience. This decision came after postponing previous tours, most recently to care for her beloved dog, Hoodie, who passed away in November.

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“I stayed home a lot because I didn’t want to go out on the road, and something happened,” Elliott shared exclusively with PEOPLE. “He was 17 and lived a long, happy life.” The senior dog, described by Elliott as “so pretty,” lived a fulfilling life, bringing joy to the artist for many years.

The loss of Hoodie was profound, but it also marked a turning point for Elliott. Encouragement from her close friend Ciara played a crucial role in her decision to hit the road again. “So I said, ‘Okay, now I can leave the house without having to worry about anything,'” Elliott recalled. “So Ciara and my dog played a big influence in me making the decision to go out.”


Elliott will not be touring alone. Her six-year-old dog, Miss Fendi Dior, will accompany her on the road. “She’s got her clothes ready to go out on the road with us. [It’ll] be fun, fun,” said the Grammy-winning artist. Known for her love of dressing up, Miss Fendi Dior is “excited” to wear matching outfits with Elliott during the tour.

“I know people sometimes be like, ‘Why y’all dressing those dogs?’… But she likes clothes. She really [does] like clothes. She [sees] me pulling out the outfit [and] she’s running. She knows what that means,” Elliott explained. This penchant for style has been a hallmark for Elliott’s pets, with Hoodie previously showcased in sleek outfits like a winter fur coat on social media.

Miss Fendi Dior will continue this trend as she joins Elliott on tour, along with the artist’s close friends and longtime collaborators, Ciara and Busta Rhymes.

Elliott is in full rehearsal mode, preparing for the tour’s start. “It’s full days, then I go home, and the work continues. But I feel good. I’m super excited,” she said. The tour promises to be a unique and exhilarating experience, celebrating Elliott’s indomitable spirit and dedication to her fans.

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