Nicki Minaj and her former manager Debra Antney have put their recent public feud to rest. Antney, known for managing Minaj during her early career, took to Instagram on Saturday, July 6, to apologize and reconcile. Posting a video from backstage at a Nicki Minaj concert, Antney expressed her regret and affection for the rap superstar.

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Antney’s heartfelt message read: “1/4 of the crowd. Hard work pays off. I love you so much. I’m always proud at every show. Amongst other things, I will admit I gotta let you grow, but you will always be my baby. I’m always here—good, bad, and indifference. Sorry [crying emoji] people. @nickiminaj #4life #heavyonit.”


The two appeared to have made peace earlier that day when Antney joined Nicki Minaj’s Instagram Livestream, signaling an end to their brief but intense feud. The drama had unfolded quickly, with Minaj publicly calling out Antney just a week earlier.


The conflict began when Nicki Minaj accused her former manager of trying to mediate her long-standing feud with Lil Kim without her consent. The issue surfaced during Antney’s interview on the Opiniated Truths podcast, where she was asked about the possibility of brokering peace between Nicki and her rivals, Cardi B and Lil Kim.

“I think that we all would love to see that, but people would have to be willing to do that,” Antney responded. “To be perfectly honest with you — she’s gonna kill me for even saying this — but I did reach out to Kim.” Antney then implied that Lil Kim was not receptive to her outreach.

Upon learning about the interview, Nicki Minaj took to social media to criticize Antney for overstepping her boundaries. “Deb, Isn’t it funny how you left out the biggest part of the story?” she wrote on X (formerly Twitter). “I didn’t ask you to do a THING!

“You told me AFTER THE FACT & I SCREAMED ON YOU & told you if you reach out to ppl now that you’re being seen around me, they will THINK it’s coming FROM ME so to NEVER do that again w/o discussing it with me FIRST. I said I’d never want that & that now she’d think that message came from me which is not cool.”

Minaj further explained her stance, clarifying that she only wanted Foxy Brown to join her on stage, not Lil Kim or others. “No disrespect. God bless everyone & our children!!! Let us all do our thing & thank God for LIFE. Stop using my name for clickbait in 2024. We get it!!!!! I’m dat btch!!!!!!”


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