Pinky Cole-Hayes and Angela Simmons are collaborating again for the launch of a new menu item: Vegan Fried Oreos. The tasty addition, which will include Simmons’ Angela’s Cakes mix, will be available at select Slutty Vegan locations across the United States throughout the summer.

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The launch, which is a limited menu item that will be available from July – September, is the second initiative between both powerhouses (with the first being Angela’s Cakes, a versatile and vegan pancake and waffle mix). That same mix, combined with oat milk, will serve as the foundation for the Oreos. The initial rollout will begin in Slutty Vegan’s New York locations. In the middle of July, the dessert will roll out to Atlanta and the rest of Slutty Vegan’s locations.

“With me being a major vegan foodie with a sweet tooth, I’m always looking to satisfy my cravings, especially when I’m traveling,” says Angela Simmons, who launched Pastry Footwear (which went on to achieve $75 million in sales). “Working with Pinky and Slutty Vegan has been amazing because she shares that same vision of bringing the tastiest vegan options to the masses.”


With names such as Ménage à Trois™ and Hollywood Hooker™, Cole-Hayes’ Slutty Vegan restaurant has had vegans and meat lovers alike standing in line for hours to experience the juicy goodness of plant-based burgers since 2019. To date, the brand is valued at over $100 million.

“We [Slutty Vegan] are so excited about the rollout of this limited menu item. I mean, who doesn’t love fried Oreos?”, asks Pinky Cole-Hayes, owner of Slutty Vegan. “The initial rollout will start in New York and Atlanta, but don’t be surprised if you see it coming in other markets, especially with our food truck currently trekking across the country.”

Cole-Hayes is also the author of: “Eat Plants, B*tch,” a cookbook of 91 recipes (consisting of: Avocado Egg Rolls, Black Pea Cauliflower Po’​Boy, Oyster Mushroom Parm and everything in between). The book was nominated for an NAACP Award for “Outstanding Literary Work” and topped Amazon’s Best Seller list!)

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