Paul George hits his podcast, Podcast P with Paul George, presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment, as a new member of the Philadelphia 76ers. PG offers an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at his decision to join the Philadelphia 76ers, sharing where negotiations with the Clippers went wrong and delivering heartfelt parting words to Clipper Nation.

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In this revealing episode, PG discusses the 76ers’ compelling free agency pitch, his excitement about teaming up with Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey, and the significance of choosing the #8 jersey. He also opens up about his conversation with Kawhi Leonard, in which he reveals his decision to leave Los Angeles. He provides an in-depth account of his negotiations with the Clippers, describing his initial desire to stay with the team and the disconnect he felt during the process.

Just the idea of playing with such a presence in Joel [Embiid] and then just a fresh start, new opportunity. I was pretty open on the conversation and the decision. I think stuff was kind of at a [stand] still with Clippers, which opened me into looking at other teams, hearing other programs out and ultimately it was more so just the idea of playing with one of the best young point guards in the league and one of the best, if not the best, big in the league in Joel [Embiid]. So I mean it was kind of just like, let’s see what this looks like.”

“Just to put it out there, I never wanted to leave LA initially. I was not trying to leave LA– LA is home. This is where I wanted to finish at. I wanted to work as hard as possible to win one in LA, that was the goal…the first initial deal was I thought kind of disrespectful.”

“It is business. I was torn a little bit because of just the history we had these past five years…We had some good ups, we had some downs, but I thought I deserved more, especially more than first initial contract. That part you can’t never overlook. Like, ‘That’s really how y’all felt?’ And so after that it was kind of just was like, what else is out there?” 

Speaking on the #8, George revealed: “My idol ‘The Bean’ Kobe Bryant – my way of idolizing Kobe and something that meant something outside of 24 and 13”


You can watch PG’s episode below.

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