“Black and Yellow” rapper Wiz Khalifa faces widespread backlash after hanging tough with boxer Ryan Garcia just days after the fighter’s racist rant went viral.

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Wiz and Garcia were caught dapping each other up at a bar before Wiz exchanged their contacts to, apparently, keep in touch.

Social users were quick to jump on the moment:


“Wiz Khaikfa is officially a lame for this ,” wrote one user.

“Wiz has no code,” one person wrote in the comments, while another added: “Black people allowing this weirdo to use them as props ” 

Some were curious about Garcia’s mental state: 

“Sucks to see this cuz you can definitely tell he’s high af on drugs and not just weed. Hope this kid actually gets some help and makes a comeback fr ” 

And another user said: 

“He can’t stop moving and his hands are all over the place. He’s on some coke or meth. Dude is ready to run through a wall. It’s just sad to watch, it’ll get much worse before he gets better. Watch, you’ll see,”

ICYMI, on July 4, what a day to go viral for racism, the embattled 25-year-old, made headlines for all the wrong reasons after a series of wild rants where he repeatedly used the N-word and invoked the Ku Klux Klan. Full stop. Disgusting behavior on full display below:

“I hate n-ggas. I’m anti-Black,” Garcia, who is of Mexican heritage, said during an X Spaces broadcast. “I’m KKK, n-gga. I hate n-ggas […] Let’s go bring George Floyd back to life and kill that n-gga.”

The idiotically racist tirade went kept going on his personal socials “I love n-ggas” and “Lil Wayne said I can say the N Word.”

Even Garcia’s parents disavowed his comments and implored him to find help for his mental health issues. At first, Garcia did not even want to apologize but quickly back peddled on that stance offering now he will “take all responsibility for my words,” blah, blah blah. We not here for it. You showed the world who you are. 

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