NBA stars and their sons are stealing the spotlight these days. Kiyan Anthony, son of former NBA star Carmelo Anthony, is well-versed with chatter about his father’s Hall of Fame career. Back in January, when asked if he could have beaten his father at the same age, Kiyan confidently replied, “I’m frying him.” Period. 

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ICYMI, a new question came up in the all so entertaining what if world, about how the Anthonys would fair against another famous father-son duo: LeBron James and newly drafted son Bronny James in a 2-on-2 matchup. Kiyan, known for his candidness, predicted a loss for himself and his father. Gotta love the honesty or maybe strategic humbleness. Take your pick.

“I think Bron and Bronny would win, to be honest,” Kiyan admitted. “Just because Bron is still in the league. He’s still doing what he doing.” Not too sure about that but maybe he has a point.


Thoroughly amused by Kiyan’s lack of confidence in their chances, Carmelo Anthony responded on social media, humorously calling Kiyan out:

“I’m going to remember this,” Carmelo wrote.

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Hilarious. Maybe this should be televised. Pay per view. Would draw in millions.

When asked if he would try to persuade his father to come out of retirement and join him if he gets drafted into the NBA, Kiyan revealed his ongoing efforts. “I’m going to try. I’ve been trying.”

Not too sure if Melo would get signed in a couple years but the thought of it is fun. What a time to be a live for basketball fans.