Earlier this week, concerns mounted as Michael Jackson’s iconic Neverland Ranch appeared to be in the path of the Santa Barbara wildfire, which has already scorched over 26,000 acres. Fortunately, the famous estate has been saved from the flames.

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TMZ reports that Capt. Scott Safechuck, spokesman for the Santa Barbara County Fire Department, confirmed that the wildfire did reach the sprawling Neverland property. However, initial damage assessments indicate that no major damage was inflicted on the estate. Additionally, there were no reports of injuries among the crew battling the fire at Neverland.

As previously reported by TMZ, the Santa Barbara County Fire Department had deployed a reinforced crew to the property, including several fire trucks and even a fire aircraft, to ensure the blaze was kept at bay. Their efforts were successful, thanks in part to the proactive wildfire mitigation measures taken by the current owner of Neverland, billionaire businessman Ron Burkle, who purchased the estate for $22 million in 2020.


“The crew was more than ready, but it was super helpful that the current Neverland owner did an excellent job with wildfire mitigation on the property,” said Capt. Safechuck. This proactive approach undoubtedly played a crucial role in protecting the iconic estate from potential disaster.

Neverland Ranch, once home to the King of Pop, remains a site of significant cultural and historical interest. The estate’s survival through this wildfire is a relief to fans and historians alike, preserving the legacy of one of the most famous figures in music history.