Finally, someone is pointing out the elephant in the room regarding the prospect of reelecting the 34-time convicted felon, Donald Trump. Plies recently went in on mainstream media on “X” (formerly Twitter) for seemingly downplaying former President Trump’s weird connections to the late Jeffrey Epstein, a controversial billionaire accused of severe crimes who later committed suicide while in federal custody. Okay … 

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The “Bust it Baby” rapper believes that media coverage of the 2024 presidential election, particularly regarding current President Joe Biden, is intentionally skewed. Like skewed to focus on Biden’s age rather than Trump’s unfitness for office again while being connected to Epstein. What the actual “F.” He has a point, right?

“So Trump in the Epstein files is why mainstream media don’t wanna let go of the Biden story!” Plies wrote on X (formerly Twitter) on Tuesday, July 9. “The longer they keep that front & center in the news, the more they can stay away from the Trump/Epstein story, hoping to bury it!”

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Get this: on July 10, Plies shared what he feels is evidence of Trump and Epstein’s acquaintance, posting a clip from a documentary that highlighted their relationship. 

What’s downright disgusting is this alleged connection is particularly controversial given Epstein’s accusations of sexually abusing over 36 women, some as young as 14. Epstein was arrested for sex trafficking in July 2019 and reportedly committed suicide in his jail cell a month later. Full stop. This is wild and now that we think about it, why isn’t the mainstream media focusing on this?

“Wait, so it’s a whole documentary about Trump & Epstein?” Plies questioned. “What was Trump calling Epstein for at 3 a.m.? Man, mainstream media has failed the American people badly! This is extremely embarrassing.”

Keeping that same energy, earlier this year, Plies criticized Trump for some ridiculous claim 45 made that Black people supported him because they could relate to being discriminated against. Some who agree with Trump need to hear this through a megaphone. Plies intelligently called out these supporters for ignoring Trump’s casual racism.

“I’m not even gonna lie, I’m starting to like the casual racism he gives you,” Plies posted on Instagram. “Keep treating them like ‘Tim Scott,’ Trump! They’ll jump even higher for you!”

He didn’t stop there. In another video, Plies shared footage of Trump referring to his Black voters as “Black ones” and made a bold prediction: “Before the election, he gonna flat out call them a ‘n***a’… I guarantee it, and his numbers gonna go through the roof! This is why he’s loved by his base. ‘Cause he says the quiet part out loud! Keep proving who America really is!”

With all these talking heads supposedly of the culture backing Trump, it seems Plies will keep up common sense talking points to expose what he feels is a man who should be nowhere near the Oval Office ever again. Golf clap. 

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