Time is ticking on a recent court filing in the never-ending YSL RICO trial involving Jeffery Williams, aka Young Thug, and his co-defendants, poised to potentially impact the case. 

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Brian Steel, Young Thug’s attorney, who has risen to fame among defense attorneys with a national profile, raised serious concerns about an ex parte meeting that took place in June. The meeting involved Judge Ural Glanville, prosecutors, and witness Kenneth Copeland (a.k.a. “Lil Woody”) but excluded defense lawyers.

ICYMI, Steel argues that this meeting has irreparably compromised Judge Glanville’s impartiality and is seeking another judge to replace both Glanville and the prosecutors. 


“Judge Glanville, lawyer Love, and lawyer Hylton have prejudiced and tainted Mr. Williams’ trial so deeply as Judge Glanville has not acted as a Judge but morphed into an essential part of the prosecution team,” Steel wrote. “It is the Judge’s duty to disqualify himself as soon as he is aware that the grounds exist.”

The District Attorney’s Office, seemingly treading lightly, declined to comment.

Judge Rachel Krause has been assigned to decide on the recusal issue. 

Steel requested that she and the rest of the Fulton County Superior Court recuse themselves from making this decision, but Judge Krause denied this part of the request on Monday.

Steel’s filing further states, “This judicial and prosecutorial misconduct denotes a disgraceful episode in Fulton County Courts. It is inappropriate for any Judge to preside in any action where one of the parties holds a judicial office in any other Court which sits in the same Circuit.”

Get this: the motion seeks to disqualify Deputy District Attorney Hylton and Assistant District Attorney Love from the case, alleging they have “stolen, forever Mr. Williams’ opportunity to have this trial heard by a jury in a Constitutional and Statutory firm manner.” 

Additionally, and this may be a stretch, the motion requests that Young Thug be released from custody and cleared of all charges due to prosecutorial and judicial misconduct.

The state is under the gun and has until 5 p.m. on Wednesday (July 10) to respond to the defense counsel’s recusal motion.

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