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College Athletes Will Now Be Able To Earn Money For Their Image & Likeness

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NCAA athletes are now eligible to earn money based on their fame and notoriety without jeopardizing their playing qualification or school violating amateurism rules. Visit for more information The NCAA Board of Directors reportedly approved the new image and likeness policy on Wednesday, June 30. According to AP, this decision was expected for months […]

SOURCE SPORTS: Reggie Bush Thinks Paying College Athletes Will ‘Destroy Some People’


Former NFL player and Heisman Trophy winner, Reggie Bush had some strong words about the NCAA’s support of a player endorsement plan. Visit for more information Bush said that paying college athletes for their names and likenesses is “going to destroy some people.” Bush, a former star at USC, discussed paying college athletes during […]

HBCU Student-Athletes File Lawsuit Against The NCAA


For years, students and athletes at HBCU’s have had their facilities, campuses, and programs compared to traditional Colleges and Universities. A comparison that is full of bias and often places HBCU’s at a major disadvantage from a “reputable” standpoint.  Visit for more information Well, it has been reported that black athletes launched a legal […]

SOURCE SPORTS: UConn Becomes First College to Cancel Football Season


The University of Connecticut has decided to cancel the upcoming football season due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Wednesday announcement insists that COVID-19 is at an “unacceptable level of risk” to continue with the 2020 season. Visit for more information UConn was set to make its return to the Big East Conference this season. […]

California State Lawmakers Pass Bill Allowing Instate Student Athletes to Get Paid For Their Name, Images, and Likeness


Athletes at California colleges could hire agents and sign endorsement deals under a bill the state Legislature sent to the governor Wednesday, setting up a potential confrontation with the NCAA that could jeopardize the athletic futures of powerhouse programs like USC, UCLA, and Stanford. Visit for more information According to the Los Angeles Times, […]

NCAA Gives College Basketball Players More Freedom With New Rules

Well, it’s about time. On Wednesday the NCAA announced some major changes that present players with more flexibility and freedom. Here are the changes for now. Hopefully, it includes some monetary gain for college athletes very soon. Visit for more information Hiring of Agents The nation’s “elite” high school and college basketball recruits will […]

Metta World Peace Was Once Offered $35,000 To Fix a Game While Playing In College

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For every reason you can think of to make sports gambling legal, there’s a million more reasons that show the negative side affects to it. Case in point: what if someone offers a player to throw a game? Visit for more information Metta World Peace, formerly known as Ron Artest, recently stated that while […]

College Baseball Coach Denies Colorado Player Because Of The State’s New Marijuana Laws

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UPDATE: Coach Mike Jeffcoat was fired following the controversy over the email sent to Gavin Bell. Visit for more information Texas Wesleyan University’s head baseball coach emailed a Colorado high school player saying the college team doesn’t recruit prospects from his state because they’ve “had trouble passing our drug test.” Coach Mike Jeffcoat, a […]

College Basketball Player Suspended For 4 Games For Intentionally Tripping Referee

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In the heat of the moment, professional athletes must stay poised and level-headed. Jarmal Reid must have missed that memo, resulting in him paying a major price for his poor decision-making . Visit for more information Last night [Sunday, January 17] in a conference match-up between Oregon State and Utah, there were some chippy […] New Platform For Student-Athletes To Connect With Coaches

allsportstars main is a new platform for student/athletes of all ages to showcase their athletic abilities for elementary, middle school, high school and college coaches. Visit for more information has a new platform to bridge the gap between students and coaches by getting them seen by coaches that are outside of the sphere of […]

Empire’s Malik Yoba & Orlando Magic’s Victor Oladipo Host Athletes for Art Renaissance In Manhattan


Hot off the heels of a successful event in Miami for Art Basel, The Athletes for Art Renaissance Tour invaded New York City at Manhattan Motorcars Showroom during NBA All-Star Weekend. Visit for more information Actor, Malik Yoba and the Orlando Magic’s Victor Oladipo hosted a unique, interactive evening with guests last week  at the showroom that treated those […]

BREAKING: College Sports Can Unionize


According to a decision handed down by federal agency the National Labor Relations Board, college athletes are technically employees, compensated with scholarships By Curt Cramer