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Jaden Smith Leads Growing Protest HEWILLNOTDIVIDE.US in New York City

Jaden Museum crowd

Once the dry heaving subsides, it becomes a little bit easier to swallow the bitter pill that Donald J. Trump is now President of the United States. Visit for more information In a dystopian turn of events, perhaps more fitting for fiction than present-day reality, our democracy has slowly descended into what can only […]

The Future of Live Music Has Arrived: Ray Ban X Boiler Room’s Weekender Recap

General by Luis Best

Careening through wide turns along I-80 West, the highway landscape quickly trades out stacked Brooklyn buildings for a smattering of trees that blur in color alongside the interstate. Visit for more information It’s tough to tell who’s who inside one of the two busses propelling against the pavement; press and artists seated together in […]

Is This The Best Hip Hop Music Video of 2016?

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On the heels of the first nationally televised debate between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the polarization of our country’s political direction has finally reached a fever pitch. Will we go the way of the nation’s first female president; a politician with hopes of bolstering our modern democracy in the moments just beyond Obama’s […]

A Look Inside Fool’s Gold Day Off NYC

Fools Gold Live Cover

Amid swirling rumors that a helicopter had crashed at the original 34th Street Heliport venue, a line snaked up the block to squeeze into the newly announced accommodations for the seventh annual Fool’s Gold Day Off festival. Visit for more information The rumors were in fact false, but a restless crowd can’t help but […]

[EXCLUSIVE] Our Interview with Breakout Producer FALCONS

Falcons banner

Right around this time last summer, Fool’s Gold Records were gearing up to drop the most inventive electro-bass slash Hip Hop release of the year. The Brooklyn-based, indie-boutique label also responsible for the infamous Crookers remix of Kid Cudi’s “Day ‘N’ Nite,” Danny Brown’s Old, Run The Jewels debut album and an ongoing flurry of […]

Panorama Festival Review: Flatbush Zombies, SZA, Run The Jewels & A$AP Rocky


Against the height of summer and amid almost impossible heat, The Source ventured into day three of the Panorama Festival, a sprawling music, art and technology concert tucked adjacent to Manhattan on Randall’s Island. With headlining acts ranging from Arcade Fire to Kendrick Lamar, a sweeping assortment of specialty cuisine, the cool shade of a VIP […]

Profile: The Rise of TDE and ScHoolboy Q’s #BlankFaceLP

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By the time Kendrick Lamar had finally eased into the melting pot of American consciousness, he already had five mixtapes under his belt, an EP and a studio album to boot. Kendrick’s steady accumulation of releases helped him to slowly gain traction alongside his Top Dawg Entertainment labelmates as they honed their craft and began to […]

Sink Or Swim? Deciphering The Artist That Is Lil Yachty


Once in a while, a unique voice will crash through the fortress walls surrounding Hip Hop’s meta-culture. Most artists work for years to break through with a recognizable hit or co-sign, achieving recognition as a “household” name only after plugging away tirelessly on their craft. Think of an artist like Curren$y, who’s widely believed to have […]

All Summer Long: Our Favorite Anthemic Hits That Keep It Hot

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Summer’s finally here and with it comes the balmy nights, blissful cookouts and blistering afternoons that signal its arrival. There’s plenty that we love about the summertime; endless days that stretch effortlessly into midnight, heaps of outdoor concerts scattered across cities nationwide and the ability to drop everything and hit the beach on a whim. […]

From Electronica To Hip Hop: Genre-Bending With James Blake

James Feature Image

Long before James Blake had cemented his status as the UK’s top crooner, landing prominent collaborations with Beyoncé and securing studio sessions with Frank Ocean, he was dabbling in a far more obscure realm of electronic production. Visit for more information Looking at the polished image of the artist today, who’s won a Mercury […]

What We Learned From The Recent “Kanye Riots”


Somewhere between the routine and the extraordinary, all eyes were on Kanye West again last week. Visit for more information After his headlining performance at Governor’s Ball Music Festival on Randall’s Island, NYC was cancelled due to “severe weather and a high likelihood of lightning,” Kanye took to Twitter to announce a pop-up performance […]

How The Phrase #FreeGucci Became Much More Than A Hashtag

Gucci Gradientbg

The internet lit up late last week with a flurry of hashtags that have echoed persistently for years. Two simple words strung adjacent — #FreeGucci — created a unified call for one of Hip Hop’s most enigmatic and influential figures to find his way out of prison and back into the adoring grasp of his […]

The Many Shades of Chance The Rapper: A Look At ‘Coloring Book’

coloring book

From the moment Chance The Rapper leaps into his ecstatic preface, “…and we back, and we back and we back” on Coloring Book’s lead track, “All We Got” featuring Kanye West and Chicago Children’s Choir, a nostalgic feeling starts to stir. Behind the flutter of trumpets, it’s a familiar sensation of synesthesia, a blending of […]

Beyoncé and JAY Z: When Life Gives You ‘Lemonade’

Beyonce JayZ montage

Beyoncé and JAY Z have been sitting atop pop culture’s proverbial wedding cake for quite some time. You know, those perfectly perched figurines on an exorbitantly priced slice of happy-ever-after, grinning in quiet harmony and prepared to maintain a blissful marriage for the next hundred years. Or six anyway, since in 2014, Jay Z and […]

The Drake Complex: A Deconstruction Of #VIEWS

Drake snowboy

For some, the anticipation of Drake’s new release VIEWS may have surpassed the process of actually listening to it. That bubbly feeling of suspense, the expectation of sweetness right before it hits the tooth, can often reward the imagination miles beyond what reality serves up. With VIEWS, the primary attempt at brevity seems to have […]

[Interview] Meet Atlanta’s Buzzing Rapper, Miloh Smith

Milo Haze

Shoot a glance across the sprawling Hip Hop landscape and it becomes obvious that making great music is only half the battle. Modern-day DIY outlets like SoundCloud and YouTube allow music to cross the globe instantly, but have also catalyzed a torrent of new music releases largely impossible to keep up with. Visit for […]

A Look Inside The Genius Mind Of Kid Cudi


After Kid Cudi released his 2015 album, Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven, he immediately took to Twitter to blast the marketing rep that had been in charge of integrating the album into the iTunes catalog. The album had been listed as Hip Hop, most likely to advertise smoothly along with the rest of his releases, but […]

Why Desiigner Had An Instant Hit On His Hands With “Panda”

Desiigner TIC  qm

While 2016 has brought a myriad of new and innovative releases to the Hip Hop landscape (see Young Thug’s Slime Season 3 and Future’s EVOL for a few notable examples), perhaps nothing across the genre has been quite as rapid and jarring as the rise of Desiigner, a Brooklyn native whose ascent to notoriety has occurred seemingly […]

Retrospective: Phife Dawg and A Tribe Called Quest

ATCQ low end inside cover LP

Plenty of millennials were late to the party when it came to A Tribe Called Quest. By the mid-90s, when they had albums like Midnight Marauders on rotation and were playing go-to feel good tracks like “Award Tour” on repeat, the group had already been around for almost a decade (which is especially astounding considering their official formation was in […]

The Most Underrated Lyrics from The Life of Pablo

kanye west

We’ve now had well over a month to let The Life of Pablo knock around our speakers, so we can dive into some of the more overlooked moments of lyrical nuance found deeper within the album; certain peaks, valleys and subtle utterances, which may have largely escaped listeners thus far. Visit for more information Admittedly, while […]