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Australian Police Stop Potential Terrorist Attack

australia threat level

Australian Federal Police have charged two men with consipary to commit acts of terrorism and claim to have prevented a potential terrorist attack. The charges come a week after Australian authorities raised their terror threat level to high for the first time in twelve years. Visit for more information Early this morning at least one […]

Floyd Mayweather Comments On 50 Cent’s Reading Challenge In New Episode Of ‘All Access’

Floyd Mayweather Jr Visit for more information And the Dozens game between 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather continues. The boxer and G-Unit’s head honcho have been going at it, most recently after 50 Cent challenged Mayweather to read a page from Harry Potter-mocking Mayweather’s um, literacy. Advertisement While filming for his new boxing documentary with Showtime […]

CeeLo Tweets Opinion Regarding Rape Allegations


CeeLo Green was charged with a felony drug charge in October 2013, by a woman who claims the singer slipped her an ecstasy drug on a date the year prior. The woman claims to have woken up the next morning next to him in bed unable to recollect the events of the night. His attorney […]

Earl Sweatshirt Calls Taylor Swift Out About Music Video


Ala Beyonce,  Taylor Swift cryptically announced new album 1989 and single “Shake it Off”, complete with a video this week. When speaking about her new single earlier this week, Swift told Yahoo ” I woke up not wanting but needing to make a new style of music” Visit for more information If the catchy […]

Watch Conan O’Brien Pay Homage To Robin Williams By Telling A Great Story About The Late Comedian

Conan obrien robin williams

Visit for more information Gone But Not Forgotten  Last night, hosts of late night shows took their moment to pay tribute to their fellow fallen comedian.  When news of Robin William’s untimely death came during the taping of his show Monday night , Conan O’Brien stated ” I’m sorry to anyone in our studio audience that I’m breaking this […]

Riots Over Michael Brown Shooting Erupt in Ferguson, MO.


History often repeats itself. Visit for more information Rising tensions following the shooting of Michael Brown reached it’s peak Sunday night as a vigil in honor of the slain teen errupted in violence and looting, ironically a day shy of the anniversary  of the 1965 Watts riots. Michael Brown was shot and killed on […]

Listen To Full Version Of Wu Tang Clan’s “Ron O’ Neal”


Two new singles and an onstage performance can only mean one thing-an album is surely coming. Visit for more information If seeing all remaining nine members of the legendary Wu Tang Clan perform on The Daily Show Wednesday didn’t get you hype-we were blessed with a second full official single.  Ron O’ Neal is the second single released […]

Russia Extends Edward Snowden’s Temporary Asylum

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden’s one year temporary asylum request has been extended another three years by the Russian government according to Snowden’s lawyer. Visit for more information Snowden, who became reknowned after leaking classfied documents detailing the U.S. government’s surveillance programs, faces theft of government property charges and two counts of violation of the U.S. 1917 […]

KimYe Hires A Body Double For Daughter North

kim kanye vogue

In his recent GQ interview, Kanye vowed to take drastic steps to “raise the respect level for celebrities so that my daughter can live a normal life.” Visit for more information And Mr. West meant drastic. British magazine Grazia reports the Wests’ have paid $500,000 to hire a baby double for their 13-month old […]

Robin Thicke Releases “Still Madly Crazy” Music Video


I hope you have a box of tissues near by. Visit for more information On the latest episode of “Robin Thicke publicly pleads for his ex back”, Thicke utilizes the cuteness of children in a mock wedding to belt out the heartbreaking lyrics to his song “Still Madly Crazy”. ” Still Madly Crazy” is […]

Chris Brown Says No To Reality Television


In probably the most intelligent move he’s made in the past year, Chris Brown declined to have his life portrayed on reality television. Visit for more information According to TMZ, BET has been interested in making a reality series centered around the troubled star’s life after jail.  BET has created focus groups comprised mainly […]

Louis Vuitton Sued Over Racist Comments Made By Former Employee


Louis Vuitton is being sued after a contract worker claims his manager at the London flagship store made racist remarks. While working at the store, the contract worker Oliver Koffi claims his manager made many racist remarks and once stated ” Black people are slaves that eat dirt off the floor.” Visit for more information […]

50 Cent Addresses Rift With The Game

50 cent funeral e1393007676155

  Visit for more information No need to anticipate a Game featured track on the upcoming G-Unit album. In an interview with Hot 93.7’s Jenny Boom Boom, 50 cent dished on his new relationship, an upcoming movie and new album featuring all G-Unit members, except The Game. Advertisement While 50 divulged on his successful […]

Customer Finds Disturbing Message Stitched Into Dress


Have you ever wondered what it costs to make the clothes you wear everyday? Visit for more information Apparently someone at British retail line Primark, wanted the consumers to know. A customer purchasing a dress from the brand found the hand-stiched message “Forced to work exhausting hours” on the  the inner label where the washing […]

HerSource: #ManCrushMonday | Tupac Shakur

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You can never get enough Tupac. Especially on his birthday. Visit for more information And for that reason, Tupac Shakur is our #MCM this Monday. More than the ‘thug’ image the media constantly pegged him with, Tupac demonstrated exceptional talent through his poetry, music, and acting career. He used his media platform for more than just […]

Kelly Rowland Announces Pregnancy


Visit for more information Blue may have a playmate soon After an Instagram post last night of two Air Jordans, one of which was infant sized, the pregnancy speculations grew stronger. Kelly Rowland captioned the picture “I’ll be stuntin’ like my Daddy” Advertisement Rumors of a bun in the oven have been brewing ever […]

Donald Sterling Is Really Trying To Impede The Sale Of The Clippers


#ByeFelicia.  Visit for more information Last week it seemed Donald Sterling had finally accepted the decision to sell his team, however he has apparently had a change of heart. Sterling is holding off on signing away his team to new Clippers owner designate Steve Ballmer, in the hopes that his lifetime ban and 25 […]

Wisconsin Ends Gay Marriage Ban

Gay Marriage Wisconsin full

Visit for more information It’s been a long time coming. Wisconsin joins the other 26 states that have struck down gay marriage bans. U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabbs deemed the ban on same sex marriage unconstitutional stating ” Same-sex couples are entailed to the same treatment as heterosexual couples.” Advertisement In her ruling, Crabbs […]

The Game Signs New Deal With eOne Records


Visit for more information After a fruitful run with Interscope Records, The Game will be joining at indie label eOne. The Game announced his first album with eOne, Blood Money La Familia hits shelves September 16th. This month he will release two singles off the album “Or Nah” and “Bigger than Me”. Advertisement eOne records is highly […]